Top Car Wreck Lawyer Represents Teen Victims In No Fault Cases In Allentown, PA

May 8, 2023

No parent wants to see their child suffer an injury from an auto accident. Justice Guardians Allentown’s (866-918-5292) experienced personal injury lawyers can help you claim the compensation your child deserves.

If your child has suffered injuries in an auto accident in or near Allentown, and you think the other driver may be responsible, getting insurance coverage might be tricky. That’s because Pennsylvania is a “no-fault” state, which means drivers involved in an accident have to go to their own insurance company to cover damages before they can turn to the other driver’s insurance company, even if they believe the other driver is at fault. So, if you’ve already reached your policy’s coverage limit, you may need an experienced auto accident attorney in your corner to claim compensation.

That’s where Justice Guardians Allentown, PA’s accident attorneys can help. They offer victims and their loved ones (that means you) free legal advisory sessions and the option to waive your legal costs if your case is not successful. That means you'll be able to free up more financial resources toward your child's recovery.

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Besides freeing up your financial resources to cover medical costs, Justice Guardians' services will help you navigate the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies. An experienced auto accident attorney can skillfully fight for your compensation claim if your insurance company tries - as they often do - to reduce the benefit amount they're willing to pay you.

Insurance coverage for young drivers is a cause for concern, given their accident rate. The CDC reports that, as of November 2022, motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. In 2020, about 2,800 teens aged 13 to 19 were killed and about 227,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S.

These statistics should not surprise you, since younger, less experienced drivers are more likely to be involved in auto accidents. But Justice Guardians understands that mistakes happen, and so they're offering legal consultations 24/7 and free of charge to help you and your teen gain as much knowledge as possible about all available legal options.

Who are the people behind these generous offers?

Justice Guardians Allentown is headed by D. Charles Petrone, Esq., the firm’s trusted adviser on personal and business issues for over three decades. His deep experience allows him to quickly assess each client’s situation and effectively negotiate beneficial terms on their behalf. A graduate of Princeton University, Petrone received his J.D. from Penn State University’s Dickinson Law School in 1978.

One satisfied client said: “I had an amazing experience with Justice Guardians Allentown! I was in a tough car accident, and I needed a local personal injury attorney. Justice Guardians was able to take my case and represent me successfully. They were extremely helpful and understanding. Charles Petrone was particularly knowledgeable and gave me a positive experience. I highly recommend Justice Guardians for their impeccable work ethic and timely response!”

The legal system is complicated, but that doesn't mean you need to let a single car wreck make your teen's or your own life a wreck. That's why Justice Guardians is here - they are dedicated to providing clients of all ages with personalized legal services and fighting for their right to just compensation.

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