This Wraparound Hypoallergenic Blanket Is Your Top Choice For Warmth At Home!

Oct 27, 2021

Freezing at home is no fun – don’t just sit there shivering, make The Warmer Upper number one on your wish list!

Is it winter already? While you’re sitting wrapped up in your favorite chair under The Warmer Upper, you’ll be forgiven for not noticing the plummeting temperatures! 

LapWrap, LLC announces new upgrades to its signature product in order to provide you with an optimal ergonomic warmth accessory both indoors and outside. Specifically built for seated users, the American-made lap throw features a unique wing design with the capability of wrapping around your lower body. 

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The hypoallergenic blanket is brought across the world in preparation for the lower temperatures of winter. The ability to stay warm underneath a cozy lap throw is of vital importance, ensuring that you can lower the settings of your central heating – potentially reducing your energy costs. 

As winter approaches, seniors across the United States continue to search for warmth accessories to use at home and outdoors. While space heaters are one option, research suggests that increasing numbers of older customers prefer safer, non-electronic alternatives. The Warmer Upper provides an ideal choice, keeping you wrapped up and warm with its Polartec fabric. 

In addition, its manufacturers explain that in today’s modern world, older target audiences tend to enjoy browsing handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets while sitting comfortably. As such, you can purchase the product with a six-foot USB charger. The extender cable allows you to charge your electronics as you relax under your new thermal lap throw. 

You’ll further benefit from the multifunctional product’s clear-view pouch, designed as a storage solution. You can keep your mobile devices and commonly-used items such as eyeglasses or pencils close at hand within the pouch. The pouch is also touch-sensitive, enabling you to use your screen-based electronics with ease. 

The Warmer Upper is expressly designed for superior warmth, knitted with premium polyester yarns for better softness.

“I received The Warmer Upper as a gift during my recovery from a fall that required surgery,” said one satisfied customer. “Being confined to the couch for several weeks, I appreciated the coziness it provided – along with the super handy pouch. It held all three devices that I was using, so I didn’t have to reach for them on a side table. Great concept, great gift.” 

Staying warm will be your new norm – wherever you are in the United States and worldwide, check out to learn more about The Warmer Upper. It’s the only accessory you need for the coming winter! 

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