Top L-Shaped Thermal Blanket Retains Heat & Stores Your Devices So You Stay Cozy

Dec 27, 2021

Looking for the perfect blanket to curl up and get cozy in during the cold winter months? Then take a look at the clever ergonomic design of the Warmer Upper from LapWrap, LLC !

As the days darken and the nights grow cold, the most important item on any itinerary (indoors or out!) is a cozy blanket to keep you toasty. But sitting under piles of throws can be a pain when you need to move around, so why not go for the lightweight, ergonomic thermal design of the Warmer Upper, from LapWrap?

The recent announcement provides you with an alternative to heavy blankets, offering thermal heat retention properties without the bulkiness of materials such as wool.

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The latest updates to the Warmer Upper include a clever ergonomic shape that fits comfortably around the wearer when seated and works to regulate body temperature while safely storing smart devices.

Designed and made in the USA, the multifunctional blanket is ideal for keeping you warm in the cold winter months, and combines a unique L-shaped design consisting of two ‘wings’ with simple but effective fabric. Created using hypoallergenic Polartec Thermal Pro fabric, the polyester weave helps to retain and capture your body heat - and as such is commonly used in a number of garments for the U.S. Special Forces.

Considerably more lightweight than its competitors, the blanket is easy to move around under, and a great choice for taking on trips and journeys. Whether you’re camping, enjoying a BBQ, watching sports, or simply sitting and enjoying the great outdoors, the Warmer Upper is easy to fold and carry.

You can also enjoy the modern touches to the blanket, which includes a Clear-View Touch-Sensitive Pouch on the front. Developed to store your personal smart devices, and prevent you from constantly searching for the remote, the plastic is touch-sensitive so that iPads, tablets, smartphones, and more can be used without being removed from the pouch. In addition to the blanket, and for total convenience during use, the company also offers a compatible extendable 6-foot universal charging cord, so that you can stay comfortable and warm in your seat, with your devices close at hand even when low on battery.

The Warmer Upper from veteran-owned LapWrap is currently available in a range of colors, including beige and gray. You can also have your blanket customized directly from the company website, with embroidered logos, designs, and words available to be added to the product.

“My go-to blanket… the coziest thing ever,” said one satisfied customer. Quality, comfortable blanket, and I love the protective pouch for my electronics.”

LapWrap is the USA-owned company you can trust for quality products and innovative blanket designs.

Ready to learn more? Visit to purchase yours!

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