This Phoenix HVAC Contractor Will Fix Your Faulty AC Compressor The Same Day

Aug 14, 2023

With this summer’s extreme heat continuing to test our limits of survival, access to air conditioning could be a lifesaver. Clark Heating and Cooling (602-793-2477), wants to ensure that you are feeling cool and comfortable in your Phoenix home with its same-day AC repairs!

This July, Phoenix saw 25 consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 110 degrees Fahrenheit, with air conditioning becoming an indispensable necessity to ensure a comfortable environment both at home and in the office. But the high temperatures can also push your cooling system to the limit, leading to breakdowns that leave you and your family stuck in the scorching heat.

A broken air conditioner on a hot summer day is in the summertime is inconvenient at best - if you want to avoid such a scenario, get in touch with the guys at Clark Heating and Cooling! If you have a malfunctioning AC unit, you can take advantage of the HVAC contractor's emergency repair service to bring your cooling equipment back to working condition.

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Clark Heating and Cooling offers same-day repairs for AC units of a variety of brands and models, using quality parts to ensure your system is properly functioning and restore long-lasting comfort. The team offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on all repairs it performs.

Clark Heating and Cooling believes that an AC unit failure should not necessarily translate into the purchase of a new cooling system. As such, the team uses its extensive expertise in repairing malfunctioning HVAC equipment to fix the most common AC emergencies such as leaking refrigerant, electrical problems, and faulty thermostats. The technicians are also experienced in addressing problems related to an AC unit's frozen coils, clogged drains, fan malfunction, or broken compressor.

To prevent a major breakdown, there are some warning signs that there is something wrong with your AC that you should watch out for. If you hear loud and screeching noises coming out from your air conditioner, notice ice inside or outside the system, or warm air blowing from vents, Clark Heating and Cooling recommends you schedule a repair as soon as possible to fix what can turn into a potential threat to your air conditioner and even your house.

When you call the team for an emergency repair, the technicians will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your unit to identify the problem and fix it to prevent more serious issues and ensure it is running at optimal efficiency.

About Clark Heating and Cooling

Clark Heating and Cooling offers HVAC repairs and maintenance, and AC unit replacement for residential and commercial clients in the Phoenix Valley area.

"This company rocks," a satisfied client said. "They came out the same day we called even though we were scheduled for the following day. David finally fixed our struggling AC unit that the past company who came out twice couldn't get right."

In the hottest summer on record, make sure you keep yourself cool with Clark Heating and Cooling!

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