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Apr 5, 2024

The key to an efficient AC system? It’s all in the installation, and Clark Heating and Cooling can have your unit installed properly in Chandler – just call +1-602-793-2477 to book your service!

Smooth AC Replacements: Available in Chandler!

Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year before switching on your AC! You need to know that when the Arizona sun is beating down, your home’s cooling system will be ready for it. 

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That’s exactly why Clark Heating and Cooling urges you to ascertain the condition of your residential AC unit. As winter makes way for spring, it’s the best time of the year to check your air conditioning system.

If problems are detected, these HVAC professionals are equipped to repair or replace your unit and get it in working order before the summer heat arrives. By acting to schedule your services now, you can settle your home’s cooling situation in preparation for Arizona’s hottest months. 

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Through in-home visits, Clark Heating and Cooling can confirm the need for AC replacements or new installations via a comprehensive, multi-point inspection. While part repairs are often viable, complete replacements may be a better option if you have an aging unit with major mechanical issues.

Whether they’re replacing an older system or fitting a unit at new home builds, the team notes that the installation process is vital in predicting its subsequent performance in the years ahead.

As explained by Clark Heating and Cooling: “When we install new AC units, the biggest determining factor on how well that unit will hold up, perform and prevent the least amount of breakdowns is a quality installation.” 

As such, its installation procedure is designed to ensure a level placement, keeping inner components in balance while preventing drainage issues. The company also works toward efficiency when configuring system settings with an additional focus on airflow. The result? You’ll have an AC unit that’ll perform just as well on startup and going forward!

Clark Heating and Cooling specifically names York-branded units as its most frequent equipment choice, citing their favorable heat resistance as an important factor during Phoenix-area summers. The local HVAC contractors also refer to the general accessibility of replacement parts and warranty coverage as further benefits. Long-term home cooling awaits!

“Quick and easy,” described one recent customer of their experience with Clark Heating and Cooling. “My AC went out after changing my batteries in the thermostat and they fixed the wires the very next day.”

Don’t let AC issues cause dismay - Clark Heating and Cooling is here to save the day!

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