This Pensacola, FL Company Offers High-Wind Framing Materials For Your Sunroom!

Aug 6, 2021

Get the wind-resistant Colorbeam sunroom or screen room you deserve from Titan Sunrooms ((850) 733-7445) in Pensacola, FL!

Florida homeowners can now have outdoor structures able to withstand storms and hurricanes. Call Titan Sunrooms today for a free in-home consultation!

The company’s new wind-resistant framing is designed to stand against extreme weather. Colorbeam is a proprietary material manufactured in their own factory and comes in 11 colors.

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Titan Sunrooms launched its new Colorbeam High-Wind Framing Systems to protect homeowners from the costly expenses of storm damage. They understand the challenges that Florida weather creates and intend to create a strong, durable alternative to aluminum and other conventional materials.

Their Colorbeam High-Wind Framing is 50% thicker than traditional aluminum. It has a contemporary, low-maintenance finish that does not require painting. It is also protected from the corrosion that salt air can cause.

The company’s Colorbeam wall panels are insulated and give your glass sunroom or screen room an aesthetic that can add to the value of your home. The supplier’s roof panels have a durable 40-year coating and are mechanically joined to prevent the leaks that come with standard construction.

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In addition to glass sunrooms and screen rooms, Titan Sunrooms designs and installs patio covers, carports, and pergolas from this same proprietary material. These structures have a variety of trim packages, roofs, and columns.

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The company also designs Blockhouse Sheds using Colorbeam. These sheds can have electricity, internet, and cable installed for your added comfort, but are built to withstand any weather conditions. You can use them for extra personal space, or as an office, playroom, or guestroom.

Once your order is placed, the design will be examined for structural soundness, the components will be fabricated in-house, and Titan-certified craftsmen will complete the installation. Your finished product comes with a 40-year installation warranty.

Looking for the highest quality sunroom, screen room, patio cover, carport, pergola, or designer shed for your property? Look no further than Titan Sunrooms!

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