Palmerston North Pest Control – Pest Control from $95

Apr 14, 2024

Palmerston North Pest Control we don’t glibly give lip service saying “we are environmentally friendly”, we act on it. One major point of difference with us is that we choose not to use solvent-based treatments but instead only have water based treatments with our services.

Palmerston North Pest Control - Pest Control from $95

Here at Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd, the highly effective pest management services in Palmerston North pest control can help. Whether the vermin’s inside or outside of the house, Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd expert pest control technicians will treat the affected areas to make sure all rats, mice, and insects stay away - and won’t come back within a guaranteed period of time. The professional exterminators will make sure that they handle the pest control problem right the first time. They will also follow up to ensure that the pest troubles were taken care of properly. Contact them today at

If folk are looking for efficient, convenient pest control service in Palmerston North or the surrounding area, give Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd a call on 0210 851 8931 for a no-obligation chat about the concerns and quote a fair, competitive price.

Palmerston North Pest Control provides a comprehensive range of pest control solutions. Every Palmerston North Pest Control exterminator offers quick, safe, responsive care that will keep people, their families, and their property protected from undesired infestations and their associated risk.

These include the most common New Zealand pests, including:


Bed bugs


Carpet beetles








Outdoor Pest Management

Selection of pests Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd handles

Got a spider or cockroach problem? Palmerston North Pest Control has the solution. They apply a special spray manually and carefully to the affected areas. These careful, attentive pest control experts are careful to ensure that none of the sprays gets on the windows, either.

Palmerston North Pest Control solution isn’t just effective at making sure the creepy-crawlies stay away. It’s also harmless to people and pets, so people will face little to no disruptions to their day-to-day life.

Indoor Pests

Ants crawling all over the kitchen counters flies buzzing around people's heads when they’re trying to relax, cockroaches scuttling over the floors - pests don’t belong in the home. So let the Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd team help get rid of them.

Palmerston North Pest Control manually apply a fine spray to the walls, ceilings, window frames, and door frames. It won’t cause any staining or damage and won’t harm people or pets. It will, however, get rid of those nasty bugs out of the home. The days of dealing with pests will finally be over.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can carry dirt, disease, and bacteria on themselves, which can compromise both personal and the family’s safety.

The experienced pest management team here at Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd has a thorough, excellent knowledge of pest control here in the Manawatu. They can answer any questions one might have about taking care of infestations in residential and business properties. And that’s not all they can do what needs to be done.

Palmerston North pest control technicians will also be able to give tips and advice on the best ways to keep insects from coming back. They’re committed to helping make the home cockroach free in the most cost-effective way possible.

They’ll inspect both the interior and exterior of the property to make sure that all cockroaches and any other possible risks to family and property’s health are removed. The technicians will then take the time to discuss proactive prevention methods that can be used. That way, it will limit any future risks.

Say Goodbye To Pests WIth Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd.

From ants and flies to rats and mice to cockroaches and spiders, Palmerston North pest control specialist team of exterminators will control the problem- no matter the size of the pests, the home, or the severity of the infestation. Best of all, this expert pest management service comes at an affordable price.

Ready to bid farewell to the days of dealing with pest infestations? Give the Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd team a call on 0210 851 8931 for a no-obligation, free chat for more information on pest treatment solutions, or schedule an appointment with one of the expert exterminators.

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