This Office Lap Throw Keeps Stuff Safe And Sound While It Warms You All Around

Feb 2, 2021

Think you have everything you need for your home office setup? Think again! Top of the range Warmer Upper blankets keep you warm while holding your essential items in your lap!

A lap throw that’s just as good for when you’re working at your desk as it is for when you’re relaxing by the fire is only a fantasy… right? Wrong! The wraparound Warmer Upper provides luxury warmth under your butt while also keeping stuff you use all the time safe and sound in your lap! 

LapWrap, LLC has expanded the availability of its Warmer Upper home office lap throws, expressly developed for seated users at home, or in the office. The product is described as the only blanket wrap with complete functionality, featuring an ergonomic patent-pending wing that wraps underneath users to ensure continuous warmth. 

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The expanded release of American-made Warmer Upper office blankets aims to provide you with comfortable solutions when working from home. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, increased numbers of people have taken their careers to their home offices, complete with their own furniture. 

Company representatives state that working from home enables you to remain productive with the added comforts of your possessions and decor. With LapWrap’s Warmer Upper blankets, you can stay warm at your home desks and couches alike. The product is designed with an emphasis on lightweight comfort, made from hypoallergenic Polartec Thermal Pro fabric. 

You’ll benefit from the Warmer Upper’s special versatility. Along with providing comfort and warmth, the product comes with a detachable touch-sensitive see-through pocket to hold your small items such as remotes, eyeglasses, and cell phones. When you’re working from home, you can utilize the lap throw’s feature to keep your items secure while you attend virtual meetings at your desk! 

In addition to its user-friendly pouch, the Warmer Upper comes with an accompanying six-foot universal extender cord, allowing you to keep your devices charged up while relaxing or working. 

“The Warmer Upper is no ordinary blanket – rather, it is a revolutionary lap throw designed explicitly for seated users,” said a company spokesperson. “Our lightweight, multi-function blanket warms you from below, and comes with a removable, clear pouch that allows you to both use and charge your personal electronics in your lap. It’s ideal for home offices everywhere.” 

As Warmer Upper further expands to provide you with ergonomic comfort solutions whether you’re based in the United States or across the globe, the veteran-owned company is currently developing additional products for multi-functional use. 

These blankets are made for sitting – once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back to plain old everyday pocket-free lap throws! By clicking the link above, you’ll learn more about the amazing Warmer Upper chair blankets and stay updated on the company’s exciting future products! 

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