This Leader In Electric Fireplaces And Pits Offers Customized Design Services

Jul 17, 2021

E-comm store Crackle Fireplaces (855 915-1363), offers realistic-looking fireplaces for every indoor and outdoor space in every type of home dwelling.

The last time you were out for dinner and everyone was gathered around the most incredible fire pit did you start visualizing that beauty unit on your own backyard patio? Was it awesome? Well, now that fire pit is just a click away! Thanks to Crackle Fireplaces your fire feature dreams are about to become a reality.

E-comm store Crackle Fireplaces offers a range of fireplace options for customers who want beautiful, affordable, easy-to-install indoor and outdoor home fire features. They also offer one-on-one design services and a variety of recognized brands.

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Homes with built-in fireplaces used to be the norm but now, as of 2018, only 41% are being designed to include a fireplace. With their extensive product line, Crackle Fireplaces can help you find the perfect electric fireplace to complement any indoor and outdoor space, whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment.

To help you settle on the perfect model, the team at Crackle Fireplaces will work directly with you. They'll help you determine while style, color and wall or floor positioning best suits your home, and will introduce you to all the technologies available today.

Right now the most popular styles are wall mounts and inserts.

Wall mounted electric fireplaces give your space a sleek, modern look. They’re a great choice that makes instalment easy and convenient because wall mounts don’t require construction. You can choose from models that range in size from 34” to 74” long, and a variety of styles that come with remote-controlled heat levels.

Electric fireplace inserts can be flush-mounted against your home's wall, or recessed. Styles range from 24” built-in fireboxes to 88” linear insets. These fireplaces offer the authenticity of wood burning fireplaces and the convenience of an electric hookup and can be installed indoors or out to create a focal point for family and friends any time of the year, just like you envisioned.

As well as wall mounts and inserts, the company also carries top of the line fire tables, fire pits and burner inserts.

A recent customer says, “Thanks to your online Fireplace Finder tool and helpful emails, we were able to choose the ideal fireplace for our vacation home. Five out of five stars.”

Today’s electric fireplaces offer you the look of a wood-burning flame without your having to worry about harmful emissions, extra cleanup, or potential safety hazards. With the recent update to their e-comm product line, Crackle Fireplaces has an electric fireplace feature for any area of your home.

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