American Electric Fireplace Company Offers The Best Elementi Granite Fire Pits

Sep 11, 2021

Online fireplace retailer and designers Crackle Fireplaces offer the best in outdoor Elementi fire features that include pits, tables and bowls.

Outdoor design choices are personal, but if there's one thing everyone can agree on it's that a fire pit or a fire table can turn any home's backyard into the quintessential, resort-style getaway. Whether you want to snuggle up with the family and stay warm or host an outdoor get-together with friends, the addition of a bold porcelain marble Elementi fire bowl or a calming redwood Elementi fire table makes your home a sanctuary.

A big trend in today's outdoor home design and renovation projects is the addition of a fire feature. Backyard gas and propane fire tables, pits, and bowls by Elementi combine outdoor fireplace utility with today’s most innovative designs and craftsmanship. With their newly updated selection of Elementi products, the team at Crackle Fireplaces gives you the chance to choose from top-of-the-line quality to bring an extra level of style and comfort to your outdoor spaces.

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Artistic and modern, Elementi backyard fire pits mirror their surroundings with natural, earthy, industrial designs that come in several finishes. An expansion of the Crackle Fireplace product line means you can browse through pages of different models and sizes to find the style that best compliments your pool, patio, or backyard.

The addition of a fire pit to your backyard area changes the ambiance instantly. It becomes a focal point and a gathering area that you can enjoy with family and friends all year round. By keeping things outdoors, fire features are a convenient and enjoyable way of socializing safely. You no longer have to sacrifice a festive atmosphere or the feelings of togetherness the last two years have interrupted.

Elementi outdoor fire tables and fire pits are an artistic combination of form and function. Works of art on their own, the addition of fire burners turns them into statement pieces that add an extra level of elegance to your home. High in quality, the natural gas and propane-fueled fire pit tables with auto-ignition produce a clean flame, making it a healthy choice for anyone in your family that might be sensitive to smokey air particles and soot.

You can choose from product categories that include tables and pits as well as dining and bar fire tables. Artisan finishes include granite, handcrafted glass-fiber reinforced concrete, granite tops with ashwood bases, powder-coated steel, and more.

The team at Crackle Fireplaces wants to help you find an appropriate fire feature that fits your budget and your lifestyle. They place a high-priority on customer service, which is rooted in integrity, reliability, efficiency, and positivity, the company’s core values.

With updates to their Elementi line of fire pits, tables, and bowls, the company offers you a one-stop online shopping experience so that you can find the perfect outdoor fire feature you'll enjoy for years to come.

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