TCPA Regulations Amid Automation: Role of AI Call Centers & Chatbots Explained

May 7, 2024

Are you struggling to afford enough staff for your call center? Intrigued by the possibilities of AI? Get expert insights into the technology of the future and how it can benefit your business right now with Bigly!

Concerned about Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations when it comes to using AI for business? Looking for some guidance on making the best of emerging technology while staying compliant?

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The Bigly team can help you navigate TCPA regulations in the wake of advancing AI call center and chatbot technology.

Cover Yourself & Your Customers

It's vital that you use legally sound opt-in and consent language to protect your business and safeguard your customers' private data and rights. With Bigly's expertise, you can incorporate compliant AI technology into your enterprise model, driving increased efficiency and productivity without the need for costly human resources.

Staying Compliant

Bigly highlights the growing role of AI in providing faster and more helpful assistance in the field of customer service. In a sector that was commonly blighted by long wait times and consumer frustration, AI offers you a cost-effective and personalized solution. While the benefits are clear, the Federal Communications Commission has implemented new guidelines that narrow the window of compliance for businesses adopting AI for call center operations.

TCPA Guidelines

The TCPA regulates the use of automated calls, restricting outbound communications that feature an artificial or pre-recorded voice without the prior consent of the recipient, identification and disclosure information, and opt-out methods for any telemarketing offers. Are you keeping up to date with the latest legislative changes?

Reduce Costs

Bigly's blog series suggests that the use of voice bot technology can reduce your call center costs by as much as 90%. Chat or voice bit software helps to shoulder the burden of initial customer queries, gathering information, and resolving or reassigning relevant requests to human agents. The technology reduces the workload of your call center teams, making communications more efficient and driving increased customer satisfaction.

AI Integration

While there is concern that AI will completely usurp the need for humans in customer service, Bigly believes that a new chapter of robot-human interaction is underway which will ultimately improve service delivery.

A spokesperson says, “The integration of AI and customer service robots into call centers is more than a technological upgrade—it is a strategic enhancement that reshapes how businesses interact with their customers. The key to successful integration lies in balancing technology with the irreplaceable human touch that customers value.”

The Bigly AI platform empowers you to integrate machine learning technology into every area of your business from live sales, customer support, and website building to training and call-answering services.

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