Agoura Hills Elder Support Services: In-Home Creative Writing & Visual Arts

Apr 26, 2024

With the innovative approach of Elder Manage Care in Agoura Hills (630-638-1489) you can ensure your loved one receives the best in-home care possible.

What if care for your elderly family members could include socially prescribed creative activities that slow cognitive decline, holistically enhance their quality of life, and allow them to safely live at home?

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Effective Socially Prescribed Activities

Elder Manage Care's socially prescribed activities encompass creative writing, music, visual art, dance, virtual reality travel, and video interviews where your relative can record their story in person to share with family and friends. These activities will be uniquely tailored to their interests, strengths, and cognitive needs.

Slow Cognitive Decline Holistically

Elder Manage Care specializes in socially prescribed creative activities, which have been proven to help revive memories while simultaneously building new neuropathways in the brain that promote healthy cognitive function.

As explained in a recent article by The Standard, this type of therapy has been found effective in allowing dementia patients to stay in their own homes for longer. As most seniors prefer to live in their own homes, socially prescribed creative activities can help them maintain independence, improve sleep, and eliminate the stress, anxiety, and depression that often accompany living in an unfamiliar environment.

Creative Expression & Memory Management

Elder Manage Care's creative services team can work with your loved one to devise the most beneficial creative exercises for them, so they'll spend their time doing engaging activities that they truly enjoy.

Creative writing is a popular activity, as it allows elders to put their life stories into words and revisit impactful memories while expressing themselves. Elder Manage Care's staff editors will work one-on-one with your relative, in whatever capacity they desire, to develop a fully polished written story they can share with their loved ones.

As the company explains, "Our goal is to help uplift seniors, and the ones they love, by providing the traditional in-home skilled care and support they need, as well as the option of cognitive therapy that creates valuable keepsakes your family can treasure forever in the way of writing, interview stories, videos."

About Elder Manage CareĀ 

This unique company was founded in 2019 by Emily Chase who was inspired by her own parents' aging struggles, her mother having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia, and her father with aggressive cancer.

Elder Manage Care strives to provide compassionate, innovative, and thoughtful care to all of its clients and their families, staying up-to-date with scientific evidence and clinical studies that ensure its approach is as effective as possible.

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