This Hairbrush Has Detangling Bristles & Flexible Design For Very Curly Hair

Aug 9, 2023

If you’re tired of spending hours brushing your hair or battling with kids’ tangled curls, this is the brush for you! It’s specially designed to make brushing a breeze – and you’ll soon see why it’s called magic.

Gliding through very curly or knotted hair with ease, the Doviast magic detangling brush is the solution for anyone with ethnic hair that doesn't do well with just any ordinary brush.

Designed specifically for tough tangles, it boasts ultra-flexible bristles made of nylon that are gentle on the hair and scalp while effectively detangling even the craziest knots.

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Doviast sought to provide a product that catered to the needs of those with curly or textured hair. Traditional brushes can often get caught or tangled, making the brushing experience painful.

The brush is available in mint green, pink, and black, so customers can choose one that matches their style and preferences. You're already going to have more pep in your step thanks to the pain-free brushing - why not add a fun touch of pink to your morning routine?

Different hair types require different levels of firmness in a detangling brush, the store explains. With the detangling brush, users can adjust the firmness of the bristles to suit their hair type.

The Doviast magic detangling brush also massages your scalp, which promotes blood circulation and can help reduce hair loss. The brush helps to nourish hair follicles, leading to healthier and stronger hair.

The magic detangling brush has been receiving positive reviews from customers. Many buyers have reported that the brush is gentle on their hair and scalp, and effectively detangles tough knots.

A recent customer said: "This product is terrific. I am never able to completely detangle my daughter's super curly textured hair because it always ends in a crying battle. But with this brush, for the first time in her 8 years, I was able to detangle her hair within 20 minutes without the fuss."

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Are you looking for a magic solution to the pain of brushing knotty hair? You're going to love this!

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