This Award-Winning Hesperia Solar Contractor Explains How PV Panels Cool Homes

Oct 6, 2021

Apple Valley, California-based Option One Solar (855-502-6363) provides homes and businesses with a breath of fresh air. The company’s latest article demonstrates that solar panels can help keep your home cool.

San Bernardino County is a perfect place for solar, but the year-round sunshine that makes it so great for photovoltaics can also leave you feeling hot and bothered. The award-winning contractor explains that solar panels on your roof can actually help.

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You’re probably thinking they’ve been out in the sun too long. Solar panels generate heat, right? Actually, there is some science behind the madness. The new article explains how solar panels act as a barrier, stopping your roof and the air in the attic below from warming up.

The latest report from Option One Solar adds to a growing list of benefits that homes and businesses in Hesperia, Victorville, and surrounding areas are experiencing from solar installations. Some of the more well-known advantages include cost efficiency, energy independence, and environmental protection.

The author introduces you to a more in-depth description of the science behind the claim. To begin with, it is important to realize that the space immediately below your roof is ‘unconditioned’, meaning that its temperature is dictated by the elements rather than your home’s environmental control system.

Solar panels capture heat that would otherwise warm the air within this unconditioned space. Indeed, Option One Solar cites research conducted by the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, which indicated that roof-mounted solar panels can reduce heat absorption by as much as 38%.

As the report explains, cooler air within this part of your home means that there is less warmth penetrating into the living spaces below. In addition, cooler temperatures within your attic space can actually draw excess heat out of your home, as hot air will always move towards cold. See, third-grade science wasn’t that hard after all.

As a result, the contractor states that your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard to cool your house, which in turn lowers energy consumption. When combined with the well-publicized efficiencies of solar power, this amounts to additional savings that your new solar installation can provide. That’s extra money in the bank for you.

Option One Solar has been voted best solar installer for 5 years in a row. The company’s founder Jerry Thomas worked as an electrical supervisor on the command and services modules during the Apollo Space Program.

The company brings the high standards expected in space to the solar industry, providing San Bernardino residents and businesses with the latest in roof and ground-mounted installations. With its latest report, the team provides you with yet another compelling reason to consider a solar installation.

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