Apple Valley, CA: Report On Net Energy Metering Updates For Solar Panels In 2022

Apr 7, 2022

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Apple Valley, CA: Report On Net Energy Metering Updates For Solar Panels In 2022

Take advantage of the NEM 2.0 system before the new regulations are passed - call Option One Solar to get the best solar panel installation service in San Bernardino county!

The latest report from the Apple Valley, CA solar panel installation experts will explain to you how the potential changes in net energy metering systems may affect your yearly bill and surplus compensation payments. 

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The new Option One Solar report begins by explaining how net energy metering currently functions in California. Given that your solar panels are dependent on sunlight hours, you will generate more energy during the summer than the winter. Due to this, you may find that you consume more energy than you produce at different times of the year and vice versa.

Through net energy metering systems, you can claim the excess energy produced during the summer from your utility company in order to offset your yearly bill. The energy you do not use is returned to the grid and deducted as credit from your 12-month billing cycle, or issued as a payment.

This payment from your utility company, known as Net Surplus Compensation (NSC), is calculated based on the yearly average energy market rate and is used to incentivize more people to opt for clean electricity systems. Since 2016, NEM 2.0 has been in place in California, which is a regulation system that favors solar energy producers and prevents utility companies from misrepresenting the market average and NSC.

However, it is estimated that by January 2022, the California Public Utility Commission will implement NEM 3.0, a new system that is expected to decrease the value of solar energy. As such, it is essential for you to have panels installed in your home before the new program is passed. If you install your systems under NEM 2.0, you will be locked into its regulations for 20 years and will not be affected by the latest changes.

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