International Bank For Web3 Companies Offers IBAN Accounts To High-Risk Startups

Apr 14, 2024

SAXE Global can help your blockchain business access innovative partner banks that accept high-risk clients.

Forging the future comes with risks. Luckily, SAXE Global has partner banks that welcome blockchain trailblazers like you.

The announcement enables the consultancy to better cater to clients in the blockchain space, such as yourself. Its goal is to bridge Web3 businesses with traditional banking services, allowing you to receive and make payments using fiat currency.

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Mark Walsh, Head of Advisory, says that traditional banking services allow you to serve a broader swathe of the public. This is especially true for blockchain-curious individuals who do not yet own cryptocurrencies to purchase assets with and thus rely on standard currencies to do so.

Furthermore, the executive adds that its banks welcome Web3 enterprises, unlike standard banks that are more risk-averse. You can choose between digital or brick-and-mortar banks, depending on which one best suits your business goals.

SAXE Global’s partner banks are situated in strategic locations, granting wide global coverage and favorable tax regimes. Specifically, you can open bank accounts in the UK, Switzerland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Sweden, and Puerto Rico.

All of these financial institutions issue IBANs so that you can transfer or receive funds from anywhere in the world. They are also subscribed to protocols like SWIFT, SEPA, and TARGET2, which further facilitate cross-border transactions.


Industry insiders report that approximately 2.8% of the global populace has already embraced various iterations of blockchain technology. Moreover, experts anticipate a remarkable 85.9% compounded annual growth rate for the blockchain sector between 2022 and 2030, implying a substantial expansion in its user base during this period.

Through SAXE Global’s future-forward banking partners, Web3 entrepreneurs like you can cater to this fast-growing segment. By enabling fiat-to-crypto transactions (and vice-versa), the consultancy also aims to ferry along the mainstreaming of blockchain technologies.

Walsh says: “Starting an account with our affiliated financial institutions provides a convenient avenue for conducting fiat currency transactions, which remains the prevailing method of payment worldwide. Additionally, possessing an offshore banking account can help you adhere to regulatory requirements across multiple nations."


SAXE Global boasts a seasoned team of management consultants dedicated to delivering innovative financial strategies to forward-thinking customers. Its core competencies encompass tax efficiency, streamlining organizational structures, safeguarding assets, trimming operational costs, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

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