Reduce Your Bills With Option One Solar Panel Installation In Riverside, CA

Oct 17, 2021

Riverside, California’s Option One Solar, a multi-award-winning solar panel installation company is now the number one choice for residents and businesses in the region.

More and more homeowners are switching to solar power, which is why the market for solar energy is growing by close to 20% per year. To access amazing advantages and savings, the sooner you switch to solar power the better. Solar not only saves you money on your energy costs, but it also earns you money on your investment.

Riverside plays an active part in California’s Go Solar campaign, a resource that provides you with insights and information about converting to solar energy. With the release of their recent report, Option One Solar tells you why their company has become a popular choice for the design and implementation of cost-effective solar panel systems.

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If you want to convert to solar energy, you have plenty of resources to guide you through the basics and the benefits associated with your switch. A good first choice is Option One Solar. With 50 years of experience and proven space program standards, the company continues to receive 5-star ratings across multiple customer review platforms. Named the best in their region for five years in a row, the team at Option One Solar not only provide you with industry-leading technology, but you get superior customer service as well.

Option One Solar wants you to know that if you live in Riverside, you're probably paying 35% above the national average in electricity costs. The panel installation options they offer provide you with excellent upfront savings because of available federal tax credits, property tax exclusions, and the way the company designs their panel systems. Solar owners in Riverside typically see a return on their investment within seven years when they partner with Option One Solar.

Family-owned and operated, Option One Solar has completed thousands of solar panel designs and installations. They can be relied on to cut your energy bills by 90% or more. Businesses that partner with the company can realize returns on their investments of up to 180%

A recent customer says, “Option One Solar offered me the highest quality equipment and materials and a custom design to fit my energy efficiency requirements. Their installation crew was very knowledgeable and informative. High-quality installation techniques. Great 25-year warranty. 5 stars.”

Option One Solar ensures you get the solar panel system that will bring you the best savings and the highest return on your investment. With 50 years of experience and hundreds of 5-star ratings, you can't go wrong with Option One Solar. The name says it all.

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