These Spiritual Tune-Up Sessions Can Help You Deal With A Tragic Loss

Jun 28, 2022

Find your spark again and rediscover joy after a loss or trauma with the expert guidance of life and spiritual health coach Donnalynn Riley.

These Spiritual Tune-Up Sessions Can Help You Deal With A Tragic Loss

Donnalynn Riley knows that when you go through an intense experience of loss, happiness, joy, inner peace and fulfillment all feel like total impossibilities. However, on the other side of her own grief, the life coach is here to teach you that trauma and loss can actually be the start of a new incredible life and sense of purpose.

Beginning with her free initial ‘tune-up coffee chat’, you will start the process of healing following a loss or traumatic incident. Riley’s spiritual health coaching is oriented toward helping you find peace, joy, and spiritual connection.

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Donnalynn Riley has shifted towards the world of grief counseling following the recent death of her own husband and the subsequent loss of their longtime family home. These painful and traumatic experiences changed how she saw the world, and, though profoundly challenging, ultimately led her towards spiritual mastery and a new sense of ease and purpose.

As such, she wants to combine her newly acquired personal wisdom with her years of experience as a life coach, in order to aid people like you who are struggling to move past the grief and hurt of losing a loved one or enduring personal trauma.

In her new introductory coffee chat sessions, Riley introduces you to her core foci. Through simple but effective tools like meditation, positive thinking, and developing a peaceful mindset, she helps you to reorient yourself towards joy.

In her sessions, Riley’s goal is that you will find peace, meaning that you will be able to find a more desirable mental and emotional state where you are able to calmly identify your feelings.

In conjunction with this, Donnalynn Riley encourages you to also take command. That is, she helps you to not only identify but control your feelings. Riley suggests that people in the stages of grief often end up in the ‘feelings ditch’, where they are trapped by their own emotions and unable to get out. With her expert coaching, she believes she can offer an array of useful tools to manage even the most powerful and difficult feelings.

Most importantly, the coach believes in tuning up together. While loss and grief can often isolate people, exacerbating their negative feelings, Riley knows that the first step towards healing is connecting with others and being open to guidance, which is what she is here to offer.

Donnalynn Riley is a passionate and experienced life and spiritual health coach based in Massachusetts. Her mission is to help you recover your spark again, find happiness and joy, and be capable of recognizing and appreciating that life is worth living.

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A spokesperson for the life coach said, “No matter what trauma or loss you have been through, you can learn to gain control of your experience. Donnalynn Riley is here to teach you the secret to making the traumas of life feel like blessings.”

Through a transformative spiritual meeting with Donnalynn Riley, you will rediscover that life is worth living.

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