Blank Journal For Women: Funny Bachelorette Party Gift Idea For Friends

May 1, 2024

Gift your girlfriend (or even yourself) this sarcastic journal, “Everything Men Know About Women. The Complete Updated and Unabridged Addition” – which, as you may have guessed, is completely blank!

There are two times in his life when a man doesn’t understand a woman. Before a relationship and after a relationship. Sound familiar? All women understand the joys that come with falling in love with a man—the feelings of happiness, security, and warmth…and also the absolute confusion about their actions. If women are from Venus, men must be from another galaxy.

And you need a journal to record this universal experience. Get yours today at

Everything men know about women

Mitzy Dadoun released a new blank journal called, “Everything Men Know About Women: The Complete Unabridged and Updated Addition”.

The new sarcastic blank journal is designed for bachelorette parties and breakup celebrations, or can be used as an everyday gift to remind you about everything your man knows about you—which, according to Mitzy, is absolutely nothing. Still, Mitzy says that her journal is also an inspirational book that can strengthen a struggling relationship. For example, you can fill in the journal with the little things your partner does that make you happy.

Find better, healthier ways to communicate

Over time, the blank journal will be full of happy memories that you can always look back on. It’s the little things that matter, after all.

Did he smile extra widely today? Did you feel those butterflies in your stomach?

Did he kiss you on the forehead?

Did he do something that made you proud?

Was he wearing your favorite shirt?

Did he hug you for just a second longer?

Fill in the journal with things you love

“Everything Men Know About Women: The Complete Unabridged and Updated Addition” is meant to provide a few laughs when given, but it can also be used as a tool to achieve better communication among lovers.

Eventually, this journal will be full of things your man DOES to know you—and that is the greatest thing.

"Embark on a journey of mock enlightenment with this perfectly empty book, where the only limit to what you know about women is where you begin to write. Embrace the spirit and personalize this blank canvas with your creativity and humor," Mitzy writes. "This is not just a gift; it's a conversation starter, a statement piece, and a delightful poke at the age-old mysteries of womanhood. Though the pages are blank, the possibilities are not. It serves not only as a gag gift but also as a journal, sketchbook, or notebook. It's ready to be filled with actual insights, notes, and doodles."

Go to to order your copy!

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