News Media Content For Florida Small Businesses: Increase Online Visibility

May 1, 2024

From dentists to home improvement contractors and business consultants, Florida-based Jet Write Media is helping drive growth for small companies across the US with their unique news media content solution.

Appearing on Top News Outlets

Imagine if your small business featured on leading news platforms, like Business Insider, Associated Press, and Google News. That’s exactly what Florida-based marketing agency Just Write Media can achieve with their done-for-you multimedia content campaigns.

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The agency now works with over 400 high-authority media platforms, including news sites, high-traffic blogs and podcast outlets, and more. A team of experienced writers develops your campaign, with a focus on your services and location, to ensure you gain maximum visibility.

With the ongoing trend towards digital consumerism, online visibility and reputation management are more important than ever before. Jet Write Media’s media campaigns are an affordable way for you to achieve both, and you don’t need any writing or marketing expertise.

“We’ve developed a unique content marketing solution that uses hyper-targeted materials published on some of the most well-known multimedia outlets in the world,” a company representative explained. “Our team includes professional writers, developers, and marketing experts, so we not only give your online profile a huge boost, but we also tell your story in a way that builds trust.”

Your Customers Are Searching Online

Research from IBISWorld reveals that 29% of all business is now conducted online, demonstrating how e-commerce continues to make inroads into traditional business models. However, the internet also plays an increasingly important role in informing purchasing decisions, with a second study from BrightLocal showing that 98% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses.

As Jet Write Media points out, smaller businesses often have limited marketing budgets, making it difficult for you to stand out in the digital world. The new content marketing solution is therefore designed to address this imbalance, offering professionally developed content published on major platforms, something that’s usually reserved for huge organizations.

About Jet Write Media

With a current network of more than 400 partners, Jet Write Media continues to foster new relationships to further enhance its distribution capabilities. The firm’s services are already helping small companies in a wide variety of industries, including dentists, home improvement contractors, accountants, lawyers, and even other marketing agencies.

“These content campaigns have helped us flourish in multiple locations,” one client recently stated. “We’ve seen a huge increase in organic traffic to our website, and a lot of that comes from better keyword visibility on Google. I also have a lot more time to focus on being CEO instead of worrying about digital marketing.”

Contact the Florida-based team at Jet Write Media to learn how high-authority media content can transform your small business.

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