These Overbrook Park Personal Injury Attorneys Help Your Vaccine Illness Claim

Dec 6, 2022

Vaccines are supposed to keep you safe from illnesses – if you continue to feel sick as a result of your jab, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Justice Guardians in Overbrook Park at +1-484-414-7404 today.

These Overbrook Park Personal Injury Attorneys Help Your Vaccine Illness Claim

Vaccinations are administered throughout the nation in the interest of your health - but you didn’t sign up for side effects that won’t go away. Get much-needed compensation to aid your recovery with the help of Justice Guardians in Overbrook Park.

The Overbrook Park Philadelphia Personal Injury attorneys aim to provide you with recourse options in the wake of reactions to vaccines. The firm’s services are suited for the support of adults and children alike, saying that even common vaccinations utilized today carry a slight risk of adverse side effects.

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In response, its consultations specifically focus on offering appropriate advice while informing you of the firm’s capacity for achieving potential compensation. Justice Guardians is able to help those who have experienced vaccination side effects take legal action to cover the costs of rehab and therapy.

Well-versed regarding the most current points of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Justice Guardians refers to a range of vaccines as meeting criteria for injury claims. Specifically, the firm points to tetanus, rotavirus, and chicken pox vaccines among others as those known to pose a possible risk of lingering side effects. That’s why you can make claims for compensation.

“If you or someone you care about has been injured or has had a response to a vaccination,” suggests a firm representative, “You have the right to file a legal claim against the responsible party. Your path to justice starts here.”

Justice Guardians explains that some of the side effects commonly associated with vaccines include shoulder injuries, bleeding, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Where these effects or illnesses are severe and last for up to six months, the attorneys advise that you can pursue injury claim lawsuits through their services.

The firm’s consultations cover full guidance on the viability of your claims and any potential grounds for further legal action. Justice Guardians can inform you of the status of your insurance policy coverage and prepare to go forward with your vaccination injury claims.

One recent client characterized Justice Guardians as: “Hands down the best lawyers - the entire office was nice.” Another described the attorneys as “an exceptional law firm in Overbrook Park.”

You can arrange your free consultation with Justice Guardians either online or over the phone with case evaluations by its attorneys at the firm’s Overbrook Park office.

Justice for vaccine victims is here at last, courtesy of your legal champions in Overbrook Park.

Are you in the Overbrook Park area? Then visit for more details about Justice Guardians and its full array of vaccine injury legal services for you.

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