The Great And Original New Yoga Prop That Helps You Hold And Deepen Your Poses

Sep 28, 2016

Discover the innovative yoga prop named AVIVA YOGA Number 8 Straps with a patent pending design made by passionate yoga practitioners, ideal to help you more easily and with no hassles get into, maintain, and deepen your poses or stretching exercises to confidently push your body and improve your flexibility, strength and balance.

The renowned AVIVA YOGA brand announced its innovative, versatile, and easy-to-use yoga prop named Number 8 Straps, designed to help yoga practitioners confidently get into, maintain, and gradually deepen their yoga poses or stretching exercises on their own to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

More information is available at AVIVA YOGA Number 8 Straps.

AVIVA YOGA is a well-known yoga brand with an established reputation for crafting and providing unique, eco-friendly product lines that combine industry leading functionality with elegant aesthetics to encourage and support the daily journey of yoga practitioners and healthy balanced living aficionados.

The yoga brand announced its premium quality Number 8 Straps, an easy and comfortable set of two yoga straps with a highly functional and patent-pending design that provides two differently sized loops on each strap forming an asymmetric figure eight (8). The Number 8 Straps are ideal for helping gradually improve the range of motion, strength and balance for yoga, dancing, gymnastics, sports training or fitness workouts.

The clever and highly versatile, disproportionately looped figure-8 shaped straps were designed to help beginners, intermediate or advanced practitioners more easily navigate, maintain, and deepen their yoga poses or stretching exercises, while enjoying a comfortable grip for hands, wrists, arms or feet, and no need to worry about or deal with the hassles of adjusting buckles, cinches or D-rings each time.

Additionally, the lightweight, portable, and durable Number 8 Straps, able to withstand and facilitate frequent ‘everyday’ usage anywhere with their reinforced stitching and moisture-wicking, odor and mildew resistant, machine washable materials, are available on the AVIVA YOGA website and Amazon in multiple colors and two sizes for different flexibility levels, 19’’ or 25’’, and come in a free mesh carrying bag.

More information on the premium and innovative AVIVA YOGA Number 8 Straps and its patent-pending 3-in-1 design along with extensive advice, examples and guidelines on its multiple usage possibilities supported by multiple 5-star ratings and client testimonials can be consulted on the website link provided above or at and

The business explains that “no matter whether we are beginners or more advanced yoga practitioners, we all come across challenging poses that may seem impossibly difficult. The Number 8 Straps are designed to support everyone along their yoga journey. They allow anyone to navigate the different stages of yoga poses, from preparing to navigating into the full pose and holding it, while confidently working deeper into them on their own to achieve their full potential”.

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