Get The Best Drag Racing Christmas Gift Ideas With Nostalgia Mopars & Hot Rod Printed Mugs & Phone Cases

Apr 14, 2024

Quarter Mile Addiction launched an updated gift collection for nostalgia drag racing fans, featuring iconic events such as the ‘72 Lion Drag Strip race and classic ‘68 Mopars.

Quarter Mile Addiction, an online store celebrating nostalgia drag racing, launched an updated collection of mugs, phone cases, necklaces and other gift ideas for drag racing enthusiasts. Featuring iconic models and slogans - including famous ‘60s Mopars and the popular “Smoke Till Ya Choke” catchphrase - the new collection is ideal for hot rod fans looking to celebrate Christmas in a unique way.

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The recent announcement features a color-changing mug with a classic Drag Racing Super Stock print. The design is a tribute to the last drag race meeting held at the infamous Lions Drag Strip in 1972. Considered the Woodstock of drag racing events, the race is now legendary among nostalgia drag racing fans.

The mug featuring the popular design changes its color when hot water is added, making it a surprising and entertaining Christmas gift. Made of 100% ceramic, the mug is microwave safe but should not be washed in the dishwasher.

A Legends of ‘68 smartphone case is also available, its custom print showcasing some of the most legendary classic Mopars, including the 1968 SS Barracuda, '68 Plymouth Roadrunner, '68 Dodge Coronet/Superbee, '68 Dodge Charger and the '68 SS Dart. The custom bright colors and vintage fonts and designs make it a unique addition to the collection of any classic Mopar fan.

The smartphone case is printed in the US using the advanced dye sublimation technique to ensure exceptional print quality.

Quarter Mile Addiction also offers a variety of T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel featuring various nostalgia drag racing designs.

A spokesperson for the store said: “Quarter Mile Addiction has revived classic drag racing commercials and news paper adverts on our T-shirts. Our inspiration includes vintage TV and radio drag racing commercials like Jan Gabriel’s famous ‘Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!’ phrase, or infamous news paper ads announcing drag racing meetings at well-known drag strips across America, such as Lions Drag Way, US York 30 Drag Way, Smokers at Bakersfield and many many more.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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