Black Canvas Yoga Mat Bag Eco Friendly Reflective Accessory Carrier Launched

Oct 4, 2016

Get the best water-resistant yoga mat bag with UV protection on the market from yoga lifestyle company AVIVA YOGA, who pride themselves on producing high quality eco friendly yoga products and accessories to support you along your journey to holistic health and well-being.

AVIVA YOGA, a yoga lifestyle brand producing premium eco-friendly yoga items to support their customers' yoga journey, has launched a new yoga bag named Yomad Mat Bag to hold yoga mat and accessories for both men and women. The water resistant black yoga mat bag has ample pockets and storage space, comes with four color accents to choose from, and a free laundry mesh bag.

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The AVIVA YOGA site explains that the company is a loving expression of the owners' own yoga journey, and they take great pride in supporting other yoga practitioners to realize their true self & achieve holistic well-being. They provide simple, elegant and functional products that are eco friendly and made from the highest quality materials.

The AVIVA YOGA canvas bag is made from sustainable, high performance composite canvas fabric that includes cotton and recycled polyester made from coffee grounds. This helps to ensure that the yoga mat bag offers three times more odor control, and five times more UV protection than cotton canvas bags. The site also explains that the bag's material allows it to dry twice as fast as bags made from cotton canvas.

AVIVA YOGA says that Yomad Mat Bag's spacious and highly functional design, at 29.9 inches (76cm) in length and 7.3 inches (19cm) in diameter, comfortably fits most large sized yoga mats and provides plenty of room for other items. Its three zippered outer compartments, and one inner mesh pocket holds personal items, like clothes, water bottles, keys, credit cards, or phones.

In addition to this, the yoga mat bag comes with reflective stripes along the outer zips and shoulder strap, built into the bag itself to ensure that when people use it in the dark, they remain visible, and are safe out and about on the road.

The water-resistant properties on the AVIVA YOGA Yomad Mat Bag make it easy to care for, because users can simply wipe off dirt, grimes and stains with a wet cloth. If it needs a deeper clean, users can place it inside the free laundry bag, and wash it on a cold cycle in the washing machine, and then hang dry.

Interested parties can find the yoga mat bag on the company website and on at and at

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