Non Slip Yoga Mat For Serious Practice Skidless Natural Eco Friendly Non Toxic Product Launched By AVIVA YOGA

Sep 29, 2016

Get the high quality non-slip natural rubber yoga mat from AVIVA YOGA and protect the environment while you practice yoga. It has been designed to be highly portable, and with a special blend of polyester and natural cotton it provides superior grip / traction to enable you to safely practice yoga without slipping.

A new natural rubber yoga mat has been launched by AVIVA YOGA, which is reversible / usable on both sides, and offers non-slip technology that provides great traction while in use and won't skid around the floor. The Yomad Pro 3mm natural rubber yoga mat for women & men by AVIVA YOGA is eco-friendly, and designed from durable material measuring 72 inches (183cm) long and 26 inches (66cm) wide.

More information can be found on the AVIVA YOGA website.

The site explains that the eco-friendly phthalate free yoga mat is made from a special blend of polyester and natural cotton to reinforce and strengthen the mat's structure. The Yomad Pro Mat is environmentally friendly not only because it is made from natural rubber and not harvested from Amazonian forests, but also because there is zero waste manufacturing, and no toxic chemicals are used to soften the rubber in the production process.

AVIVA YOGA has designed its natural rubber skidless yoga mat for serious, committed yoga practitioners, and the excellent grip and traction ensures that no matter how demanding the poses, the mat performs admirably. In addition to this, it cushions and supports the user's back and joints.

The biodegradable natural tree rubber mat is also designed to be portable, so users can carry it around with them easily, and roll out up for simple transportation as a travel yoga mat. While the Yomad Pro Mat was designed with serious yoga practice in mind, the company emphasizes that it is ideal for any user who believes yoga is helping them achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether the user is a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi.

The company emphasizes that the mat is designed to avoid stretching when people are using it, and it doesn't bunch up around the hands or feet while poses are being adopted. In addition to being responsibly manufactured in Taiwan with non-Amazonian harvested natural tree rubber, it is 99% latex free and is safe to use for most people with latex sensitivities.

AVIVA YOGA has ensured that there are no toxic foaming agents and non-ago dyes used at any stage of the creation process. Care and usage instructions are provided on the company website, where interested parties can also get in touch via email. The Yomad Pro Mat is also available on and, and shown in the company's video.

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