The Best Way To Safely Hang A Hammock Between Trees Or Posts In Less Than 1 Minute

Aug 9, 2016

Discover the best way to easily and safely hang a hammock between two trees, posts, rocks, boat masts or any other anchor points even if they’re more than 20ft apart, in less than one minute without having to use any complicated knots.

  • the best way to safely hang a hammock between trees or posts in less than 1 minu
  • the best way to safely hang a hammock between trees or posts in less than 1 minu

The popular VITCHELO® brand announced the launch of its premier Hammock Tree Hanging Straps Kit Pro with no stretch and durable suspension hanging straps combined with loops and carabiners to ensure a simple, safe, fast and convenient hammock hanging experience.

More information is available at

VITCHELO® is a popular camping and hiking brand developing and providing a broad range of safe, comfortable and convenient products at affordable prices to support, facilitate and improve its costumers outdoors adventure or family recreation experiences.

The brand has announced the launch of a high quality and heavy duty hammock hanging straps kit tailored to ensure safe, convenient and simple suspension of hammocks with no knots, in under a minute, across two anchor points up to 20 feet apart, including trees, posts, rocks, roof racks or boats masts, and more.

The hammock hanging straps kit includes carabiner hooks and loops to provide a simple and adjustable hammock hanging system and ensures a working load strength rating of 600 pounds while employing 100% no stretch webbing made of polyester. VITCHELO® premier hammock hanging system is also compatible with a wide range of hammocks, including the eno doublenest hammock, eno hammock, eno singlenest hammock, as well as any eagles nest outfitters, and more.

More information on the VITCHELO® no stretch hammock hanging straps kit specifically designed to ensure safe, easy, adjustable and fast suspension of hammocks between two anchor points over twenty feet apart with no complicated knots can be consulted on the website link provided above along with multiple user and customers ratings or testimonials.

VITCHELO® explains that “we are on a mission to get people outside more often to escape their daily grind, spend more quality time with friends and family or reconnect with nature and so we strive to provide comfortable and easy to use outdoor gear that can support outdoor adventure and contribute to memorable experiences”.

The brand adds that “our new suspension hanging straps are a well-made, convenient suspension system for hanging hammocks. They are durable, incredibly long, support an enormous amount of weight and literally the easiest and fastest way to set-up a hammock and be relaxing in it in under one minute without having to learn complicated knots”.

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