Backpacking Outdoor Safety Enjoy Backpacking Tips Camping Report Launched By VITCHELO

Aug 11, 2016

Make sure your hike doesn’t fail before it begins with these top backpacker tips from VITCHELO®, the camping expert site specializing in ensuring more people get out to enjoy the outdoors with their friends and family.

  • backpacking outdoor safety enjoy backpacking tips camping report launched by vit
  • backpacking outdoor safety enjoy backpacking tips camping report launched by vit

A new backpacking report has been launched by VITCHELO®, the camping experts who offer numerous products designed to help encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors. Called First Time Backpackers: How To Idiot Proof Backpacking Trip, it was written as a way to help improve outdoor excursions and to ensure they run as smoothly as possible, allowing more people to enjoy the experience and to stay safe.

More information can be found on the report page at:

The report focuses on a series of tips to maximize backpacker enjoyment when they set out on their outdoor adventure, whether they're intending a long trip or a short excursion. It was written on the basis that people need to know the basic blunders to avoid when they plan a trip.

In the report, the first tip is to ensure that everyone in the group has hydrated early. It explains that camel backs, water bladders, hydro harnesses and even Gatorade bottles scan do the job. What's important is that the hikers don't resort to rehydrating while they're on their trail. The report shows that true rehydration begins a week before the start of the trip.

In addition to this, the hiking report focuses on how adventurers can use early to mistakes as a form of vital feedback. It says that every trip where the participants learn from their mistakes is an investment in future backpacking success, which can be a key for first time backpackers.

Other key focal points for the report include using waterproofing to the participants' advantage, keeping flexible, and hiking individual hikes.

What this means is that, while it can be tempting to see other hikers and want to copy what they're doing, it's crucial that each individual plans their own hike based on their own experience. It's important to remember that no two hikers are alike in stamina, strength or motivation.

Part of this process is to ensure that everyone knows how to use their equipment prior to setting out. The report urges that participants should all practice setting up tents before setting out, so that if anyone gets caught out, they will know they can do it.

Further details can be found in the full report on the VITCHELO® site.

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