Shark Tank’s Keving Harrington On The Most Amazing Headlamp In The Market Now

Aug 9, 2016

Kevin Harrington, the inventor of the infomercial, founder of the As Seen on TV empire and one of the original sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, now introducing VITCHELO® best headlamp to date, the V800 Plus model, the latest example of smart design and technology.

  • shark tank s keving harrington on the most amazing headlamp in the market now
  • shark tank s keving harrington on the most amazing headlamp in the market now
  • shark tank s keving harrington on the most amazing headlamp in the market now

For all those who love outdoors, there can be nothing betraying than an underperforming headlamp as the sun sets for the day. To make lives easier for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, leading camping & hiking gear company VITCHELO® has come up with best powerful headlamp V800 Plus and none other than Kevin Harrington is personally endorsing the DRTV media campaign of the product. When a well famous “Shark” endorses a product it has to be something worth watching for.

Kevin is endorsing the new-age headlamp with a 60 seconds TV ad which can be checked here The ad will start airing come August for a massive 202 times regionally & nationally on top national cable networks in the U.S.

“Whether you are camping or hiking, life can be dangerous outdoors as dark sets in and we wanted to get you the best headlamp – so that you can go on with an uninterrupted and safe adventure despite the darkness around. We are especially excited that one of the originals sharks on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington has faith on our product and that he has agreed to endorse V800 Plus’ DRTV campaign" stated James Lissaint, the Co-founder & CEO of VITCHELO.

Backed by amazing design & state of the art features, VITCHELO is expecting its new-age headlamp flashlight, the V800 plus model, to go above & beyond expectations.

The breakthrough headlamp comes with both wide & narrow lights. While the wide light enables the user to handle general camp tasks without bothering about the sight lines, the narrow focused or spot light assures convenient long-distance views.

Both the lights are dimmable as per user’s specific light needs & the touch-activated Boost mode would pep up the light to optimum brightness in just an easy touch.

“We have got red light in the headlamp to help in preserving night vision and this SUPER BRIGHT light enables you to see details up to 110 m. There are two separate buttons meant for the White & Red LED lights so that you can choose the needed mode, easy & fast” stated again James Lissaint, Co-founder & CEO of VITCHELO.

He also mentioned about the lockout feature of the lamp that eliminates battery drain issues while the user is not using it. V800 Plus is compatible with both rechargeable & non-rechargeable batteries. The easily viewable battery-level indicator makes it convenient to check for low battery status.

This cutting-edge headlamp is IPX6 waterproof & carries three brand new latest Duracell AAA batteries which can provide great lighting at a stretch for up till 120 hours. The V800 Plus would be a loyal companion for any kind of outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, camping, fishing, climbing, kayaking and so on. It will be a great ally during bedtime reading sessions or while walking a dog at night when a hands-free light is needed... And yes, it would be amazing for those into night auto-repair services as well.

V800 Plus comes with a lifetime limited warranty, a 60-Days money back guarantee & free silicone bracelet as bonus. To learn more about VITCHELO V800 Plus headlamp endorsed by Kevin Harrington former shark at Shark Tank, visit

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