The Best Dynamic Stretches To Try Before Lifting From Top Women’s Fitness Brand

Mar 23, 2022

Looking for recommendations on the best way to warm up before you start lifting? Want to hear advice from a top women’s fitness brand? Then take a look at the latest report from WodBottom!

The Best Dynamic Stretches To Try Before Lifting From Top Women’s Fitness Brand

When you’re dedicated to lifting and getting strong, there’s nothing worse than an injury to throw you off your game and set back your progress. That’s why it’s so important to warm up properly, and cool down after every session, so you can meet your goals and surpass them!

Women’s fitness brand WodBottom understands the needs of female lifters, and the best way to get started before your workout – which is why they’ve crammed their latest report with tips on how to prevent injury with the best dynamic stretches.

The article outlines the importance of warming up and cooling down when you’re working out and provides a list of the 10 stretches that are most beneficial before lifting weights to protect your joints and ligaments.

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WodBottom also discusses the difference between static and dynamic stretches and explains when you should use each type to prevent injuring yourself during weightlifting.

As a brand that not only creates comfortable fitness clothing for women but supports women of all shapes, sizes, and stages of their life, WodBottom regularly releases articles that offer important insights for women and men alike. By addressing you as a real person and providing clothing that appeals to all – particularly those who are focused on getting strong – the company has developed a safe space for women to learn about a range of topics.

In addition, WodBottom often discusses difficult subjects such as abuse and psychology and shares tips on fitness and health.

The newest report is particularly beneficial if you’re a woman who lifts and you’re interested in improving your warm-up and cool-down techniques. The article begins with a brief explanation as to why static stretches should be reserved for when you’re cooling down and why dynamic stretches must be used to get your joints and muscles warmed up for lifting. The author goes on to outline the brand’s chosen top 10 dynamic stretches.

WodBottom details the importance of warming up the muscle groups that will be active during your workout, offering an example of “leg day” and pointing out that failing to warm up your knees and hips before focusing on a leg workout could lead to you injuring yourself.

For an all-around beneficial stretch, the article first mentions yoga as an example that can be fantastic to prepare your body for weightlifting – though the author accepts that this is an entirely separate form of exercise in itself, and not a singular stretch recommendation. It goes on to list wrist and arm circles, side and forward bends and a number of other stretches for your upper and lower body that you can try to improve your weightlifting warm-ups.

WodBottom is the women’s fitness brand you can rely on for tips on lifting, advice on life, and the best booty shorts around!

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