Get The Best Women’s Squat-Proof Fitness Shorties From This Yoga Clothing Brand

Aug 6, 2021

Looking for squat-proof clothing and the most comfortable workout gear you’ve ever worn? Then shorties and more from WodBottom are the answer!

Are you tired of your exercise gear riding up while you work out? Want to find a female-powered clothing brand that gives back to women? Then look no further than WodBottom!

The women’s weightlifting and yoga clothing brand, have launched updates to their range online. The company specializes in the sale of women’s exercise gear, giving back a portion of their profits to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS).

Go to for more information.

The recently updated products provide an affordable and high-quality range of workout clothing for crossfit, weight lifting, yoga, and more.

A company born from the strength of women rising up and striking back, WodBottom strives to be an uplifting voice for women of all shapes and sizes, advocating for female power and beauty. The company focuses on making clothing that empowers women to feel great about themselves, without sacrificing comfort and functionality. In doing so, they support not only their customers, but women around the world through their work with DAIS.

Providers of women’s exercise and everyday clothing, WodBottom have quickly become known for their shorties, which are now one of the company’s signature items. Available in sizes XS to 3XL, the website offers you a range of inseam sizes, lively and colorful designs, and fun themes.

The OG Shorties are made from 87% polyester and 13% Spandex, which makes them comfortable, breathable and totally squat-proof. Each product page offers you unique and quirky recommendations for coordinating items, allowing you to mix and match your workout wear with leggings, bras, tops and accessories.

The company also offers an exclusive members only club, which includes a rewards program, a 30% off store wide discount, a $30 voucher when you sign up, and free shipping on all orders.

With the latest announcement, WodBottom continues to expand its range of women’s exercise clothing to support and empower women across the US, while sharing their profits with domestic abuse charity, DAIS.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With each purchase, you’re helping us build a community of women who love themselves just as they are. And more importantly, you’re building a community that supports victims of domestic violence. You’re helping them find their voice and discover their power.”

WodBottom was founded for women from every walk of life, whether you’re an advocate, ambassador or survivor – and you can trust that their workout gear is comfortable, stylish and great for the community!

Ready to squat in style? Visit to choose your favorite shorties, now!

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