The Best Women’s Empowerment & Mental Health Advice From Top Clothing Brand

Nov 8, 2021

Feeling low and unlike yourself, but not sure where to turn? Then women’s empowerment clothing brand, WodBottom has the article you need, for encouragement and insights into human vulnerability.

We all feel less than our best sometimes, and when we feel low, we often bottle up our feelings. But the new article from women’s body-positive clothing brand, WodBottom, has useful insights and advice on how to set ourselves free, and let ourselves feel vulnerable when we need to.

The latest report from the company encourages all readers – not just women – to speak out when they are feeling low and show their vulnerability, to help them to lift their emotional loads.

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WodBottom’s latest article has been released in response to the recent experiences of a member of staff, to highlight the pressure that many people feel to present a happy face and a perfect life when that is often far from the case.

Founded to help empower women of all shapes and sizes, the company works to provide a body-positive outlook with its exercise clothing range and encourages all to find their inner strength. Concerned both with the physical and the mental, WodBottom advocates overall female and male wellbeing, encouraging their customers and visitors to their site to look and feel good, outwardly and inwardly.

The latest report discusses the concept of vulnerability, and how society often encourages us to put up walls and hide our true feelings and concerns behind a false persona. It notes that though many of us tell others that we’re fine, most of us are aware that no one is happy and fine all of the time and that it’s important to speak the truth to address the issues.

The article goes on to recommend a non-fiction book on the topic by social scientist and author Brené Brown, and the idea that to build deeper connections with our friends and family, we must accept and show our vulnerability. It suggests that doing so can help to make us more compassionate.

With the latest announcement, WodBottom continues to invest in addressing important physical and mental health topics, offering valuable insights in addition to comfortable and body-positive exercise clothing for women.

“I need you to hear this: being vulnerable is anything but weak,” writes Emily Ruyle of WodBottom’s Marketing Department. “When you share your story, you free yourself from a weight that you were never meant to carry alone. But more than that, when you become vulnerable – when you show others the real you, with all your struggles – you become a light in a world that sometimes feels pretty dark.”

WodBottom is the female clothing brand you can trust for body-positive, comfortable workout clothing, but also rely upon for valuable support and insights into often overlooked mental health issues.

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