The Best DIY Men’s Body Groomer To Help Shave Your Back & Remove Unwanted Hair

Sep 8, 2021

Looking for a safe and pain-free way to shave your back and body? You need the new Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands!

Do you struggle with unwanted body hair, but can’t find a safe and easy way to remove it? Want a tool that lets you shave without the risk of nicks and cuts? Then try the Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands!

Their recently updated product is lightweight and easy to use, offering you optimum maneuverability due to its extra-long handle and folding mechanism.

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The announcement comes as an innovative response to an increased number of men showing an interest in self-grooming and self-care, both for aesthetic and athletic reasons.

In men, a hairy back can be caused by an increased sensitivity to testosterone, which is the hormone that encourages the growth of body hair. For many, this can result in discomfort during warm weather due to an increase in body heat and self-consciousness about their appearance. As such, men with large amounts of hair often choose to remove it.

However, shaving the back can be a difficult task for most, as the area is particularly hard to reach – especially when using generic razors with small heads. Without assistance, cuts and missed patches are almost guaranteed.

The Back and Body Shaver for Men is a useful tool not only for shaving your back but for other areas of your body that are difficult to shave with a normal razor. The versatile product can be used wet, dry, or with shaving cream for a close and comfortable shave. The item also has a detachable head, separating from its handle so you can easily use it on your chest, arms, shoulders, and abdomen. This makes it ideal if you’re an athlete and swimmer, and struggle with chafing and loss of aerodynamics due to excess body hair.

Fuze Brands’ product comes with two additional Dry Glide blade cartridges that are guaranteed to remain rust-free and are uniquely designed to prevent cuts and shaving injuries. As it is a manual razor, you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries or recharging, and the extra-long handle is foldable for easy transportation.

With the latest announcement, Fuze Brands continues to provide customers online with innovative and high-quality products, shipping across the USA, with easy returns and refunds.

“An excellent razor, and very safe since it has teeth that prevent you from cutting yourself,” said one satisfied customer. “This blade has marked a before and after in my personal life, since I am quite hairy and did not need a razor, but rather a lawnmower. With this, everything has changed.”

Fuze Brands is the online retailer you can trust to offer up the hard-to-find products you never knew you needed, to make life a little simpler and easier!

Ready to learn more? Visit to get yours now!

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