Take This Opportunity To Help Restore A Ford Tri-Motor Plane In Port Clinton, OH

Oct 16, 2021

Preserve the best of aviation history by helping this aircraft restoration charity rebuild a 1929 Ford aircraft. Prepare for take-off with the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation.

Want to be a part of preserving a part of aviation history for generations to come? Get involved and make a donation to the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation today!

While modern engineering in the aeronautical sector has brought many advantages to plane design, the Port Clinton, OH-based heritage charity has just announced a new funding initiative to continue the restoration of a 1929 Ford aircraft. The non-profit is committed to preserving the legacy of America’s aviation industry.

Play your part in bringing the rich history of the Lake Erie region to life. Help the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation achieve lift-off! More details at https://www.restoretheford.org

The announcement details the progress made to date on the Tri-Motor project. The plane was a former mainstay of the Island Airlines fleet, damaged in service during Hurricane Andrew. The project aims to restore the airplane to flight-ready condition with the aim of seeing it take to the skies once more.

The Tri-Motor first took off in the Lake Erie Islands region in 1936. The arrival of air travel gave islanders a new year-round solution to getting to and from the mainland quickly and comfortably. This classic Ford aircraft was capable of carrying large payloads and was regularly put to use as a freight hauler, mail plane, school bus, and hearse among other applications. Another advantage of the Tri-Motor was its short takeoff and landing ability, ideal for the short island runways.

The Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation aims to raise enough funds to not only restore the Ford to its former glory but also acquire other related aircraft memorabilia. The organization is committed to educating the public on the importance and development of this plane, bringing history to life through an expertly curated collection of aviation-related items. You can ensure the project’s success by making even a small contribution.

There are a number of ways that you can support the project. You can make a tax-deductible donation directly via the website through PayPal. The foundation also offers you the opportunity to sponsor a seat on the aircraft. A brass placard bearing your name will be displayed on the seat. You’ll also benefit from 10 complimentary rides each year and access to personal tours of the Tri-Motor’s main cabin.

About The Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation

The project originated in 2004 when Tri-Motor expert Maurice Hovious offered local pilot Ken Benjamin and his fellow enthusiasts the opportunity to begin an actual re-build of the famous aircraft. The plane is housed at a dedicated hangar in the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton.

A spokesperson says, “Whether you attend an event, buy a souvenir, or volunteer your time, there are many opportunities to contribute to our success.”

With the launch of its latest funding initiative, the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation continues to invest in the preservation of Island Airlines’ rich history.

With just a few dollars, on a wing and a prayer, watch a Ford Tri-Motor take to the air. Find out more here: https://www.restoretheford.org

You can be part of making sure your grandchildren get to experience aviation history in action. Make a donation to the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation now!

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