Staffing Agency For Hiring Support In Fashion: New York Freelance Positions

Sep 1, 2022

Hiring great talent for a job opening is no easy task. With Emerging Blue’s (415-543-6636) full-service recruiting, you can sit back and let your organization grow much faster with talented individuals that are in line with your brand, its mission, and values.

Staffing Agency For Hiring Support In Fashion: New York Freelance Positions

Looking to find and hire new employees? The key is to first find the right candidates, and Emerging Blue can help you do that with its EB 360 recruitment process.

EB 360 is a solution to talent acquisition for US businesses. The agency will act as your brand ambassador, providing full-cycle recruiting and a custom talent strategy.

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The EB 360 service is a custom solution to help you search for staff for retail, digital and e-commerce, product design and development, and more. You get an Account Director and a support team of recruiters to manage the entire recruitment process.

According to a 2022 study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), 47% of employers said they were having trouble filling job openings because it was challenging to locate qualified candidates.

In light of this, Emerging Blue helps you to locate the best candidates for your available positions, despite the challenging hiring environment. The agency can fill any roles ranging from C-level to entry-level positions.

Emerging Blue offers a suite of talent acquisition tools, including background screening, compensation analysis, comprehensive candidate reports, and applicant tracking system (ATS) management. With this, the agency can narrow down on prospective candidates that meet your business’s values. Depending on their clients’ needs, Emerging Blue’s EB 360 solution also includes HR services and candidate-sided employer branding.

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About Emerging Blue

Emerging Blue is a brand-focused staffing agency with decades of niche recruiting, networking, and digital marketing experience. Using marketing tools and social media engagement, the agency has successfully fulfilled the staffing needs of businesses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Denver, New York, Charleston, and more.

A satisfied client had this to say: “The EB 360 Service from Emerging Blue provided full-scope recruitment for our company and served as the perfect extension of our team. The Emerging Blue team spent an immense amount of time understanding our business needs and company culture, which ultimately helped them quickly narrow in on the right candidates for our job openings.”

Getting the best candidate to walk through your door takes time, but with the EB 360 service from Emerging Blue, you can significantly shorten that time and get the perfect candidates that are also within your budget.

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