South Bend Sex Trafficking Lawyer Offers Free Case Evaluations To Survivors

Nov 10, 2023

Get the justice you deserve as a victim of sex trafficking. Work with the dedicated legal advocate of Abuse Guardian (+1-267-974-1069) in South Bend.

As a sex trafficking victim, you’re often cast as both the victim and the villain. Luckily, Abuse Guardian understands your plight and offers valuable legal assistance.

The legal network offers victims of sex trafficking access to legal representation through its local partners. Your preliminary assessment will be conducted by Atty. Jeff Gibson, the designated Abuse Guardian for Indiana.

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As Abuse Guardian’s advocate, Atty. Gibson aggressively litigates perpetrators to maximize restitution for victims like you. His service also enables you to get closure by bringing sex traffickers to justice, in addition to preventing others from falling victim to this crime.

Sex trafficking is the most common type of human trafficking in Indiana, accounting for 82% of reported cases. The majority of victims of sex trafficking in Indiana are female — many of whom are underage.

Given the pernicious nature of this crime, Abuse Guardian sought to appoint a dedicated advocate in Indiana who specializes in prosecuting operators of brothels and similar businesses. Atty. Gibson is an alumnus of the McKinney School of Law and has over 20 years of legal experience.

End-To-End Representation

You can expect end-to-end representation from Atty. Gibson. At the outset, he will conduct a thorough investigation to establish that the statute of limitations has not yet lapsed. Atty. Gibson will take the lead in preparing your lawsuit and serving the defendants with a complaint. 

The lawyer uses his legal expertise to gather solid evidence against defendants, including organizing depositions, document requests, and interrogatories. Atty. Gibson will seek comprehensive restitution, requesting payment for your medical expenses, counseling costs, lost wages, personal suffering, and other losses.

Atty. Gibson says: “All humans — but especially women — deserve dignity and respect. Sex trafficking violates this premise by treating individuals as commodities. Our goal is to help victims like you recover not just financial losses but also your sense of self-worth.”

Legal Network Against Abuse

Abuse Guardian brings together attorneys who are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation, counseling, and assistance to survivors of abuse. It believes that every survivor deserves access to justice, regardless of their background or circumstances. Its network of legal practitioners is committed to fighting for the rights of survivors and ensuring that they receive the help they need to heal and recover.

You don’t have to face your perpetrator alone. Abuse Guardian’s partner lawyers are here to help you build a strong case so you can get the justice you deserve.

You may visit for further details about the company and its services.

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