Improve Lead Engagement With This AI Sales/Marketing Agent With CRM Integration

May 1, 2024

Is your local business struggling to stand out amid the online competition? Want to make sure your company is the first to pop up on search results? AI Cerebral Marketing can help! Get in touch today for specialist SEO and conversational AI marketing services!

Looking for an affordable way to integrate AI into your e-commerce website? Want to build stronger connections with your customers and increase your sales?

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Easy Integration

Now you can seamlessly integrate advanced AI chatbot software into your websites with just one line of code, driving increased interactions with potential customers while providing actionable data and insights. The company has produced some case studies of recent projects that highlight how the AI Cerebral Marketing model works in practice.

Real Success Stories

One such case study details how AI Cerebral Marketing's Saatchi AI technology bolstered the online presence of 360Builders - a Los Angeles-based construction company that has seen increases in web traffic, leads, appointments, and conversions as well as a 750% increase in investment return – ten times the industry standard. Impressive, right? You could be enjoying a similar boost for your business!

Natural Dialogue

AI Cerebral Marketing utilizes advanced chatbots that excel in natural dialogue. The software is capable of understanding and responding to complex requests, turning interactions into meaningful and engaging conversations before scheduling meetings with these prospects. Your business is given greater credibility via the software's ability to present web reviews and summaries of accomplished projects.

Multi-Lingual Support

Taking a global approach to customer outreach, AI Cerebral Marketing can detect and converse fluently in as many as 95 different languages. Setup is swift and simple with the service able to be deployed instantly on your website.

Auto-Complete SEO

Another top feature is getting your business included in Google and Bing's auto-complete/auto-suggest. You can get ahead of the competition by owning industry-specific search terms, helping to divert prospective customers before they can consider rival businesses.

Auto-complete optimization saves clients money on pay-per-click services, as it is organic and requires no ad spot purchases.

Always One Step Ahead

AI Cerebral Marketing sends regular reports to keep you abreast of your campaign's progress. Every time a chosen keyword shows up on Google or Bing, a notification is sent which allows you to prepare for incoming traffic.

The chatbot can also be integrated into your social media channels, email, and SMS, creating new interactions with prospects and driving revenue increases in the process.

A spokesperson says, “Capitalizing on its advanced AI capabilities, AI Cerebral Marketing emulates human-like interactions, delivering a personalized and efficient customer journey that fuels unparalleled business expansion.”

Take your business to the next level with AI Cerebral Marketing!

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