Google Local Services Ads Can Help East Anglia Estate Agents Generate Leads

May 1, 2024

AI Cerebral Marketing, available at +44-7855-798747, can help estate agents like you rank at the top of Google with local services ads.

If you're an estate agent and you're looking for a way to get noticed, Local Services Ads (LSAs) can be a great alternative to PPC campaigns. But how do you get started? Simple – talk to experts like AI Cerebral Marketing!

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Get found now

With LSAs, Google ranks you at the top of search results but only charges when a prospect specifically messages or calls through the ad placement. This is where AI Cerebral Marketing can help because they listen to the calls - and if a prospect is not qualified, they pursue a refund from Google, saving up to 15% on the overall ad budget.

When deciding how to position ads from different businesses, Google factors in review ratings, response rates, and proximity to the searcher's location - helping to ensure that businesses with a strong online presence and positive customer feedback are more likely to appear at the top of search results.

You're in control

The team explains that you always remain in control of your weekly budget, and once this is reached, the ads stop displaying - providing a clear and controlled approach to ad spending and allowing you to manage your marketing more effectively.

Unlike traditional PPC advertising, local service ads do not require extensive keyword research or bid management - Google's algorithms handle the ad targeting and placement, streamlining the process and reducing the time and resources needed for campaign management.

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Get Screened

You can also access the Google Screened feature, which verifies your credibility and trustworthiness - providing an added layer of vetting to enhance consumer confidence and differentiate you from your competitors.

The agency provides comprehensive support, including monitoring reviews and local rankings, managing bid spend, and offering strategies to improve review acquisition and overall online presence. You also receive monthly reports detailing campaign performance and expert guidance to optimise your marketing efforts over time.

No more wasted money

A spokesperson states: "Earn the trust of new customers as a Google-endorsed service provider - and get qualified calls, or you don't pay. You can stop wasting money on PPC and can focus more of your attention on customers who genuinely want your business."

Want to diversify your marketing efforts and get great results?

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