Solar Experts Explain You Legal Rights When Installing Panels In California

Oct 11, 2021

Are you in the market for clean energy, but feeling daunted by the installation process? Option One Solar (855-502-6363), a California energy contractor, releases a guide informing readers of their legal rights during solar power transition.

Beware the trappings of shady providers! Don’t fall for their tricks!

With the release of the Apple Valley-based company’s guide, you can inform yourself of your relevant legal rights and the necessary documents to be read and signed before your solar system is connected to the electric grid!

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The guide warns of unscrupulous businesses willing and ready to take advantage of you, and how to guard against their deceptions. For instance, you are cautioned that solar providers are required to give you time to read The California Solar Consumer Protection Guide. The guide also notes that the Solar Disclosure Form must be provided and included in your contract by the solar provider and the Contractor’s State License Board.

Solar energy has grown in popularity due to both its affordable pricing and its environmental benefits. Whilst this presents a desirable opportunity for you, both in an economic and ecological sense, there is potential for abuse on the part of companies. The process of contract signing can be exhausting, and you may be taken advantage of if you are not properly informed.

Option One Solar has released its guide to solar rights for your benefit. As well as its useful legal information, the guide contains advice for selecting a competent, licensed solar provider to avoid entanglement with dishonest companies. 

The guide also features information on Net Energy Metering, the system through which excess energy produced results in financial credit. 

Option One Solar is a solar power contractor located in Apple Valley, California. As well as providing highly regarded solar services, it hosts a comprehensive blog on its website, informing you about a range of solar-related themes. These guys can get you up to speed!

A 5-star reviewer said: “The people at Option One are great to work with. I wanted a ground mounted solar energy system. Most other companies were reluctant to install solar on a ground mount. No problem for Option One. They worked with me and accommodated all of my preferences.”

Option One Solar can be contacted online or by telephone. Its solar sales experts will be glad to discuss and analyze any quotes you’ve received from other companies to ensure you’ll get a fair deal.

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