Small Oval Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearls Boast Unique & Creative Design

Jul 29, 2023

Amy Masor has created the most beautiful collection of handcrafted elegant and ethnic-styled sterling silver earrings for Amasor Jewelry. Shop online today.

As Jennifer Lopez once said, “Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.” Amy Masor of Amasor Jewelry agrees completely, which is why she has designed a collection of earrings you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

Amasor Jewelry’s handcrafted sterling silver earrings have been created especially for mature women. If you know your own style and are confidently yourself, and if you want timeless pieces over fad jewelry, this collection is for you. With each set of earrings, Amy Masor has sought to bring you a special and unique design offering you both drop, hoop, and chandelier earrings.

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Amasor Jewelry is proud to be creating a line of jewelry specifically with mature women like you in mind, as Amy Masor has seen that you are often ignored by fashion trends and many jewelry brands. In order to craft pieces that will suit you well, Amy Masor has created elegant designs that are both contemporary and classic in style.

With her collection, Amy Masor has played with textures like hammered silver and with unique gemstones, including both pearls and crystals. She has also sampled from more ethnic and tribal design styles, which she recommends to you if you have a more bohemian style, or who are interested in wearing jewelry with a spiritual or symbolic quality.

Highlights of her selection that you’re sure to love include her Coin Pearl and Pewter Earrings. This unique 2-inch drop earring features a distinctive flat coin pearl below a round pewter piece that has been intricately engraved on both sides and hangs on a silver drop. Also in pearls are her Small Oval Sterling Silver Earrings with Pearls, which bring you open sterling silver hammered ovals hanging beneath unique light grey rounded pearls.

Amasor Jewelry also has an expansive collection of purely sterling silver earrings which give you unique and creative designs, patterns, and structures. One such set of earrings is Amy Masor’s Love is in Bloom earrings, which has an intricate tree sprouting love hearts engraved into the face of round flat sterling silver drops. Also popular are their Sterling Silver Hammered Earrings, which are both bold and understated. These distinct earrings showcase rectangular and slightly convex silver drops with a delicately hammered finish.

Amy Masor has created almost fifty distinctive styles for Amasor Jewelry’s handcrafted silver earring collection. She has crafted each one carefully by hand, creating a unique look for each set, meaning there is definitely a perfect set for you.

A spokesperson for the jeweler said, “Amasor Jewelry offers a selection of handcrafted jewelry featuring carefully selected stones and the creativity and passion of jewelry creator Amy Masor.”

When you wear a pair of earrings from Amasor Jewelry, you can be sure that you’ll always be making a statement.

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