Sex Trafficking Attorney In Fort Smith, AR Helps Victims Report & Sue Abusers

Oct 12, 2023

Abuse Guardian and Joshua Gillispie, Esq., one of Arkansas’ leading sex trafficking and sexual abuse attorneys, are committed to getting compensation and justice for survivors. Let them fight for you in civil court.

If you are a sex trafficking survivor, Abuse Guardian and Joshua Gillispie, Esq. want you to do more than survive, they want you to thrive.

Joshua Gillispie is one of the partners at Green and Gillispie, a leading law office dedicated to helping sex trafficking and sexual abuse victims. Appointed by Abuse Guardian—America’s only alliance of dedicated sexual abuse lawyers—as its advocate for Arkansas, he is confident that his firm can provide you with the legal support you need to start living again.

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According to the most recent Global Estimates of Modern Slavery report, there were over 27.6 million reported global human trafficking cases last year. Of this number, 6.3 million were sexual exploitation victims. While many Americans believe a wealthy country like the US is immune from this problem, recent reports indicate that human trafficking and sex trafficking are increasingly common on US soil. Sadly, the latest figures from Deliver Fund show that almost 60,000 women are reported as being trafficked for sexual exploitation annually in the US. 

Abuse Guardian and Joshua Gillispie, Esq. believe these figures are unacceptable and they hope to become the first port of call for any trafficking survivor in Arkansas who wants to report and sue their abuser. As they explain, “Survivors often face significant challenges in navigating the criminal and civil justice systems. Recognizing this need for compassionate legal support, we are committed to helping survivors seek justice and hold sex traffickers accountable.” 

Although sex trafficking is a criminal offense, Mr. Gillispie encourages you to file a civil lawsuit against your trafficker and any organizations that were party to your trafficking and abuse. By pursuing a civil litigation suit, he believes you can attain more meaningful justice. 

“Pursuing civil suits allows survivors to seek reparations for their injuries and suffering, such as compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. By holding companies accountable for their involvement in sex trafficking activities, these lawsuits aim to bring about societal change and prevent future instances of human trafficking,” he said. 

Together Abuse Guardian and Mr. Gillispie can also help you throughout any criminal proceedings and connect you with a wealth of state-provided survivor support services. They begin all of their legal representation services with a free consultation. 

You don’t have to survive on your own anymore.

Visit to see how Abuse Guardian and Joshua Gillispie will make it their mission to help you heal.

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