MS Microcaps Introduces New Mulitbagger Course and PRaaP Research Tool

May 8, 2024

Investment platform MS Microcaps launches a course designed to help investors discover high-growth microcap stocks. Led by expert Maj Soueidan, the course prioritizes quality companies with turnaround potential.

Microcap investors, rejoice! MS Microcaps, a leading microcap investment research platform, is launching a groundbreaking course designed to equip you with the skills to unearth high-growth potential stocks. This blog post dives into both the "How to Find a Multibagger in 20 Days" course and a new research tool called PRaaP (Press Releases as a Platform).

Master the Microcap Market

The "How to Find a Multibagger in 20 Days" course is your key to unlocking the secrets of the microcap world. Led by industry veteran Maj Soueidan, the course leverages his 3+ decades of experience to guide you through a focused curriculum. Instead of getting lost in a sea of over 10,000 microcap stocks in North America, this course hones in on the best quality companies with exceptional growth potential. You'll also gain insights into high probability turnaround and special situation opportunities, giving you a well-rounded approach to microcap investing.

Learning by Doing: A Hands-on Approach

"How to Find a Multibagger in 20 Days" goes beyond theory. This interactive course features live, hands-on sessions where you actively participate in uncovering high-quality, undervalued stocks. Soueidan emphasizes, "We're guiding our participants through the process, not just teaching them theory."

Bonus Resources to Fuel Your Success

Enrolling in the course grants you access to a treasure trove of valuable resources. These include comprehensive recordings of the sessions for future reference, a premium subscription to the GeoInvesting research platform, and exclusive access to Maj Soueidan's personal Cliff Notes on Substack, showcasing his entire catalog of multibagger candidates.

Introducing PRaaP: Revolutionizing Press Release Analysis

Alongside the course, MS Microcaps is offering an exclusive beta testing opportunity for their innovative PRaaP tool. PRaaP reimagines press releases as a dynamic research platform, transforming how you interact with this crucial source of information.

This state-of-the-art tool boasts advanced filtering and searching capabilities, with future AI integration planned. PRaaP empowers you to glean unprecedented insights from press releases, condensing hours of analysis into less than an hour. As Soueidan explains, "PRaaP isn't just about reading press releases; it's about uncovering actionable insights and finding valuable company information before other investors do."

Become Part of the Microcap Revolution

MS Microcaps invites ambitious investors to join their transformative journey. Whether you enroll in the "How to Find a Multibagger in 20 Days" course or participate in the PRaaP beta program, you'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to excel in the microcap market. This is your opportunity to harness the power of innovation and education to elevate your investment research process.

Learn more about the "How to Find a Multibagger in 20 Days" course at

Become a beta tester for the PRaaP offering

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