Securities Lawyer In Pompano Beach Helps Retirees Recover Investment Losses

Jun 19, 2023

Have you received bad advice from a dishonest investment broker? Talk to Soreide Law Group (+1-888-760-6552) and get a preliminary consultation!

Sometimes, the people you trust most with your money can betray you. Luckily, Soreide Law Group is here to help you file a lawsuit against your brokerage firm or financial advisor.

This service aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your options and potential legal strategies when suing your brokers. Its goal is to recover the maximum amount possible so that you can regain your sense of financial security.

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Soreide Law Group can help whether you utilized self-directed investment platforms or relied on traditional brokers for investing advice. Its service is especially helpful if you're a victim of "selling away" schemes, wherein you are persuaded to purchase securities or investments outside a brokerage's authorized product lineup.

According to a report by the FBI, more than $3 billion has been reported lost by over 88,000 victims aged 60 and above due to securities fraud. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, the practice offers its deep expertise in litigating investment fraud cases involving seniors, as evidenced by its track record of handling multi-million-dollar cases before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Over the years, Soreide Law Group has achieved a 90% success rate in security arbitration cases, resulting in substantial financial compensation for its clients. Furthermore, the law firm operates on a contingency basis, allowing you to retain its services without upfront costs. The firm will only receive compensation once you have been awarded monetary recovery.

Soreide Law Group diligently works to substantiate your case if you believe you’ve received misleading or erroneous advice, thus leading to financial losses. Its efforts focus on identifying risky investment recommendations, portfolio overconcentration, excessive margin use, and unauthorized trades.

Principal lawyer Atty. Lars Soreide says: “For us, it’s not just about recovering money - it’s about recovering peace of mind and getting lives back on track. There is no shortage of bad actors in the financial investment space, but you can rest assured that we will do everything to bring these individuals to justice. Our preliminary consultations are proof of that commitment.”

Don’t lose hope - fight back! You can rest easy knowing that Soreide Law Group will be at your side every step of the way.


The practice’s areas of focus include securities arbitration, employment disputes, and commercial litigation. For more information about Soreide Law Group and its services, you may visit

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