Recovering From Burnout? Find Happiness & Joy Again With Law of Attraction Coach

Jul 26, 2023

Is it possible to recover from burnout? Can you be happy again after emotional and physical exhaustion? Donnalynn Riley invites you to Find Your Spark Again with her latest podcast episode.

Do you know that 75% of all workers worldwide experience burnout at least once in their careers? Mental health experts even suggest that this number has increased in the last few years, specifically during the pandemic. Yet, despite its prevalence, a lot of people still don’t want to talk about it. Having a burnout is considered “weak” or an excuse to not work.

But we need to talk about burnouts. Most importantly, we need to know how to find happiness again after one. Is it possible?

Donnalynn Riley, mental health advocate and positivity champion, announces her latest podcast episode, “How to Find Happiness From Burnout” with guest Avery Thatcher. The episode discusses the importance of emotional intelligence and the need to practice self-love.

The latest podcast episode asks the question, “How do you define yourself?” Thatcher explains that when she suffered her own burnout after being an ICU nurse for years, she began to question who she was outside of her occupation. She says that most therapists recommend taking a break from the source of burnout, but in her case, she didn’t know who she was apart from being a nurse.

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In the podcast, Riley and Thatcher talk about the need for self-love, especially during burnout. Becoming mentally and physically exhausted can have the unintended effect of guilt. You may feel that you are showing a “weakness” and immediately become ashamed in admitting that you need a break. In Thatcher’s case, she had to work through an identity crisis before she could even begin her healing journey.

She had to understand who she was outside of work - and she asks you to do the same. If work is causing your burnout, is it really who you are? Who are you outside of your source of burnout? Whether it’s a job, relationship, or any other factor, you need to define yourself based on your values, not an external source.

Burnouts can be used as opportunities for growth. Thatcher says that you can find your spark again by first understanding how you view yourself. If your identity is so deeply entrenched in something that is subconsciously causing you pain, then you need to understand why. Many people view their jobs as their sole defining feature, but Thatcher encourages listeners to think beyond that.

Riley ends by recommending you pursue your own bliss. She believes that all people deserve to live life to the fullest, not only to prevent burnout but so that they experience happiness every day.

About Donnalyn Riley

Donnalyn Riley is the founder of the “Finding Your Spark Again” podcast series, a mental health community focused on building self-confidence and self-love. Riley regularly releases new episodes on her website and YouTube page. She is also the founder of a positivity membership group called MORE JOY.

Riley says, "Finding and keeping that spark of joy that makes life not only worth living, bit worth wahoo-ing about, takes skill and practice. It may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime type of happiness but the truth is that there are spiritual and physiological solutions to the problem of consistently tapping into excitement, peace, love and joy without ever having to fake it."

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