Raleigh Private School Sexual Abuse Attorney Takes Explicit Material Cases

Nov 13, 2023

Kristen Beightol, Esq., the esteemed Abuse Guardian sexual abuse attorney for Raleigh, is extending her dedicated legal support to the youngest victims of explicit material sharing, further solidifying her reputation as North Carolina’s most committed lawyer.

If your child has been coerced into making and sending explicit content or has had explicit images or videos of themselves shared without their consent, their happiness and future are in jeopardy. While such a crime cannot be undone, justice can still be served.

That’s why Kristen Beightol, Esq. is proud to be protecting the rights and seeking justice for individuals who have suffered due to the unauthorized sharing of explicit materials. In particular, she is reaching out to parents like yourself, whose teenage son or daughter has been the victim of this kind of sexual abuse within a private school or boarding school setting. 

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In an era where technology has made it easier for intimate images and videos to be shared without consent, Ms. Beightol recognizes the need to provide legal support to those affected and she believes her experience, dedication, and legal expertise in sexual abuse cases will make her a trusted advocate for the victims of this insidious crime. 

As the Abuse Guardian attorney for North Carolina, Kristen Beightol has earned a reputation as an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. She has a deep understanding of the emotional and legal complexities involved in such cases and a fervent commitment to helping victims that have been instrumental in achieving favorable legal outcomes for her clients. 

It is this understanding and commitment she will bring to your child’s explicit material sharing cases, and Ms. Beightol understands that the violation of their privacy through the sharing of explicit material without consent can have devastating consequences- especially on teenagers - and that your son or daughter is likely suffering from emotional distress, reputational harm, and other significant damages. Therefore, she is committed to holding those responsible accountable for their actions and providing you and your family with the legal support you need to seek justice. 

You and your child should feel confident turning to Kristen Beightol, Esq. for experienced legal representation. She and her team at The Edwards Beightol, LLC Law Group will work diligently to protect your rights and dignity and seek financial compensation and other remedies for the damages your child has endured. 

Kristen Beightol also continues to fight for justice in civil court for the victims of private school and boarding school molestation cases, including for forced sexual acts and inappropriate touching. Though these are horrendous and damaging crimes, a statute of limitations does still apply to sex abuse cases involving minors, therefore Ms. Beightol stresses that it is imperative that you come forward promptly. 

Abuse Guardian said, “In North Carolina, individuals who have experienced private school or boarding school abuse can seek legal representation from a sexual abuse lawyer. Sexual abuse is a prevalent form of misconduct that occurs within these educational institutions. Victims may suffer physical and emotional harm as a result of these traumatic experiences. Lawsuits are often pursued in order to obtain compensation for the damages incurred, including medical expenses, therapy costs, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.” 

With Kristen Beightol, Esq., by your side, you can trust in a compassionate and dedicated advocate who is committed to providing legal representation for victims of explicit material sharing in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina.

Visit https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/north-carolina/boarding-school-abuse-nc/ to speak to an attorney who will stand with you in your pursuit of justice and healing.

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