Simple Moving Strategies, DIY Carrying: Heavy Items & Expert Quotes, Naperville

Apr 30, 2024

Moving apartments? Whether you’re doing it all yourself, or hiring an expert, this quick guide from can help. They explain how to do all the heavy lifting safely, or how to save money by hiring the best local experts.

A few months ago I was planning a move to a new apartment, when I realized just how heavy some of my furniture is...

So I called a local moving company and gave my too weak notice... hahaha - but of course, I used first to find the best local crew, so that wasn't so bad.

Whichever way you're planning to move, can help. They have all the strategies, tips, tricks, and secrets to moving DIY, and a sweet tool for saving money by hiring a professional.

Let's Talk Tips

Before we get into the potential for hiring a professional, let's talk about DIY - and how to Do It Yourself Safely, because that's the key to an easy move.

In their newest guide, which is all about moving heavy stuff, their experts explain that while almost any object can be transported DIY, it can often lead to unexpected or costly consequences if done incorrectly.

You can read the full guide by clicking here, of course.

What kind of damage are we worried about? Oh, so many kinds.

This could include damage to furniture, electronics, the old or new apartment, or to you, and whoever is helping. Just trust me, it's best avoided - because any of those can quickly become more expensive or painful than we'd like.

However, with proper techniques and patience, most of these problems can be avoided.

Simple Solutions To Heavy Problems

The full guide explores a variety of common situations and their solutions, including strategies for disassembling your furniture as much as possible, and techniques for planning the route, to avoid getting stuck.

If you have one or two heavy items, you can probably manage them with a helper or two, if you have a lot of heavy furniture or appliances though... well, you may need some extra help.

The good news is, you still have options - if you're not ready to hire a moving crew, explains how you can rent or buy tools to help, and even some you can make yourself.

Whatever you do though, take your time, plan carefully, and move slowly. This can be particularly important when moving heavy items around corners, up and down stairs, or through doorways - because your fingers are valuable, delicate, and easy to squish, so be careful.

Of course, it's also important to decide whether you're going to DIY or hire an expert, before investing in extra tools. Having a moving dolly and some furniture pads around is great for DIY - but a professional team will almost certainly bring their own.

Estimating Experts

So let's say you've made it this far, taken a look around, and decided it's all just a little too much. What now?

You still have options.

Even if you can't move it all yourself, you can still choose anything from a bit of help to a full-service crew. It all depends on whether you want someone to come in, box everything up, move it, and then unbox it for you - or just a small portion of that work.

So, here's my advice: Find out what it costs first, then decide.

It's easy, and it works like this - just click right here, and look for a big green button that says, "Get Quotes."

That's the free quote tool, that will easily connect you with local moving crews.

You fill out one single form with some details about what you need, like how much stuff you have, whether there are stairs or elevators, and how much of the job you want to DIY. will find 7 of the top-rated local experts, and ask for a rate quote for the job, and then send them all to you, with absolutely zero cost, and zero obligation.

If you're not satisfied with your options, you don't have to choose one, because as I keep saying, you still have options.

Find the best option for you, and grab it - whether that's a full-service moving crew that does it all, a complete DIY job, or more likely, somewhere in the middle.

What's important is finding the right fit for you, your budget, and your needs.

You've got this - just remember, all the free quotes, strategies, and even video packing guides can be found at

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