Protecting your Family When it Matters The Most

Aug 3, 2021

We at All About Trust have recently published a blog article bringing into light some of the most important facts to take into account when choosing an online estate plan. This will prove to be useful for people interested in protecting their families when it matters the most. You can read the full blog at

Dealing with legal forms is perhaps, one of the most challenging decisions. Usually, people fill them out incorrectly or answer questions in such a way that winds up causing harm they had not intended. Here at All About Trust, we wanted to help by addressing those issues. Those subjects and many other interesting pieces of information can be found by visiting the full blog here

Usually, Estate Planning involves lots of paperwork, costs, and delays. However, in All About Trust, we have designed an Intelligent Interactive Interview to significantly reduce the amount of attorney time necessary to create an Estate Plan. You can find further information at

We at All About Trust have helped more than 1300 families put together their Estate Plans over the past ten years. Our primary focus is to take care of people, so our plans always include the Trust's Funding, and all updates, changes, and amendments are included in the price. We can offer this competitive price because of our innovative technology and advanced software that has only recently been developed—no need to overpay for your Estate Planning anymore.

Here at All About Trust, we know we make a difference; that is why we have several benefits for you. Legal advice is available as an option. You may request that an attorney review your completed document to assure you that it appears to meet your objectives. Or you may ask the attorney to discuss with you the various options and have the attorney make changes to the documents based upon your discussion. We have a nationwide network of attorneys to work with you. Therefore, you can be sure that your estate plan is complete and customized to your specific situation.  

With this information and knowing that choosing an Estate Plan is sometimes tricky, anyone interested in taking care of their assets can rely on All About Trust. We have the technology and professionals ready to exceed your expectations. 

If you have a specific question or comment about this blog, or any blog previously published on the site, feel free to contact us via our website at

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