Protect Your Health Practice’s IT Systems With This Baltimore, MD Consultant

May 13, 2021

Klik Solutions has released a new range of cybersecurity solutions designed for medical institutions. Working in concert with Medical Business Partners, the company proactively fixes IT systems.

Klik Solutions, an IT support company specializing in managed IT and cybersecurity, has announced a new partnership with consulting group Medical Business Partners. The collaborative project aims to provide cybersecurity for healthcare institutions in the Baltimore, MD region.

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The new project strives to ensure that Baltimore, MD healthcare practices have compliant and protected IT systems.

Cybersecurity is especially important in the context of the medical world. According to a recent study, there have been approximately 2100 healthcare-related data breaches since 2009, and the same study notes that there is a 75.6% chance that over 5 million records will be breached over the next 12 months.

Working with Medical Business Partners, Klik Solutions has crafted a 7-stage process for ensuring that medical records and IT systems are protected. The first 2 steps involve carrying out a thorough risk assessment and identifying key areas of vulnerability.

Stage 3 of the process is centered around implementing proactive protection, designed to address any established vulnerabilities. Such protections encompass both the IT infrastructure and the operations of a given healthcare institution.

Subsequent stages focus on the practicalities required to maintain the high levels of protection provided through the previous steps. These involve creating compliance protocols to manage future breaches, designating a Compliance Officer capable of ensuring that such protocols are followed, and training all employees to help them remain abreast of all cybersecurity developments.

The final stage of Klik Solutions’ process takes the form of ongoing reassessment and updates. This decreases the likelihood of inconveniences such as audits and losses in revenue.

Klik Solutions is committed to providing care and attention to client businesses, providing what its website describes as a unique IT approach. The company’s specialties include cybersecurity, managed IT services, and cloud-based solutions.

A satisfied client said: “I had no idea how vulnerable my practice’s IT systems were. I’m grateful to Klik Solutions for the peace of mind they’ve given me, and I now have the infrastructure to deal with cyber threats.”

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