Protect The Rainforest & Reduce Your Carbon Impact With This Charity Scheme

Jul 13, 2020

With this new carbon offsetting program, you can give back to rainforest deforestation schemes and offset your carbon footprint with ease!

Are you worried about your impact on the planet? With this new platform from CarbonDivest, you can offset your impact with a range of great giveback schemes!

CarbonDivest, the online carbon offsetting site, have introduced a new service to enable individuals and businesses calculate their carbon footprint online. They can then use this to offset that footprint by supporting one of a number of rainforest restoration projects available.

CarbonDivest is a platform developed by Green Force Partners to engage users and create an elevated social awareness of the benefit indigenous people across the planet have as natural guardians of forests, flora, and fauna.

CarbonDivest draws attention to how individuals and businesses can help fund sustainable projects and positively impact the lives of the people living in these indigenous communities by simply offsetting their personal carbon footprint.

The website is easy for you to use from anywhere in the world. Firstly a simple online calculator allows you to input your lifestyle carbon usage to reveal your annual carbon footprint. This can then be offset by choosing from a number of compelling projects aimed at restoring the rainforest.

One invaluable project promoted by CarbonDivest is the support of indigenous people in the remote Guainía province of Colombia. Fifteen indigenous tribes live in this area and by supporting their self-sufficient life, carbon offsetters help the rainforest.

Another project seeks to repair the environmental damage done to the hills around Laguna de Tota, the largest lake in Colombia. Deforestation here is threatening the planet because the lake has no other source of water than that provided by the vegetation on the surrounding hills.

The water from this lake is the source of the Upia river which feeds into the Orinoco basin. Here carbon offsetting is helping to restore native plants that will restore the health of the lake and ultimately help to preserve the Orinoco basin.

Their stated aim is to help the world’s rainforest thrive one community at a time. Using the new online service allows individuals and businesses to make a positive contribution to the planet’s future through carbon offsetting from the convenience of their own home.

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