Plano TX Marketing Company Provides PPC And Social Media Ads Management Services

Apr 25, 2020

If you need help managing your clients’ paid ad campaigns, a digital marketing firm in Plano, Texas has the services you need. Their white label solutions ensure your branding remains intact.

Does your digital marketing agency have more clients than you can handle? Is managing paid ad campaigns particularly difficult for your team?

Texas-based company Third-Party Solutions LLC now offers paid ads management services to digital marketing firms, along with a full range of white label solutions. Know more at

Through their online ads management services, the company endeavors to help more businesses reach potential customers by initializing and managing paid advertisements on the most optimal online channels for them. Their paid ads services encompass a wide range of display networks, which include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Linkedin.

To deliver effective campaigns, the company has included all the essential features in their paid ad management services. Keyword research and competition analysis ensure that the strategies to be implemented are backed by data. Monitoring and split testing, on the other hand, measure the campaigns’ performance and provide insights that are useful for calibration. 

Third-Party Solutions also employs a team of paid ad managers who underwent extensive training by Google Ads-certified experts. With their experience, the team can confidently recommend an advertising plan designed to generate targeted leads for businesses.

Third-Party Solutions traditionally offered their paid ads management services to businesses who were new to online ads, as well as those that did not have an in-house advertising team. These mostly involved relatively small firms that lacked the necessary manpower to effectively oversee an online paid ad campaign.

Recognizing that even other digital marketing firms may have limited capacities or capabilities to render a full spectrum of online marketing strategies, the company has made their paid ads management and other services available through a private label setup.

A premier digital marketing firm headquartered in Plano, Texas, Third-Party Solutions specializes in developing digital marketing plans tailored according to each client’s requirements to help maximize their business growth.

Aside from paid ads management, the company also offers managed SEO, content marketing, link building, web development, reputation management, social media marketing, lead generation, and social media advertising.

If paid ads management is outside your team’s comfort zone, contact Third-Party Solutions today. Click on the link above for more information.

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