Personal Injury Law Firm in Hattiesburg, MS Represents Truck Accident Victims

Jul 27, 2021

David L. Sullivan, PLLC Law Offices (601-649-4075) in Hattiesburg, MS, represents truck accident victims in their legal cases. The personal injury law firm aggressively seeks the justice their clients deserve.

Have you or your loved one recently been in a truck accident and are looking for legal representation? Look no further: this team will help you get the justice and the financial compensation you deserve!

The law offices of David L. Sullivan, PLLC located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi announces its stronger portfolio of legal services. Specializing in personal injury and worker’s compensation law, the firm helps those who have suffered an injury due to an 18-wheeler truck accident.

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The updated services continue the mission of the law firm to provide transparent and compassionate representation for those who have been injured in a truck accident. According to the latest statistics, around 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year in the United States, of which 1% result in death.

David L. Sullivan and his team are dedicated to helping you get the financial compensation you deserve. The team of aggressive lawyers works on your case as if it was their only one and speaks with you all throughout the process for transparency.

Truck accidents, they note, are a unique breed of personal injury cases. Though they fall under the umbrella of “motor accidents”, there are nuances involved in truck accidents that need to be understood, especially for litigation cases. You need to prove that your injury was directly caused by the negligence of either the driver or their company.

The law firm leverages its decades of combined experience to help you receive the monetary compensation you deserve. In particular, they help accident victims of 18-wheeler trucks.

David L. Sullivan says that personal injury truck accident cases are not limited to physical damage, such as spine injury, internal bleeding, or fractures, among others. If you’ve suffered severe mental and emotional trauma because of the accident, you may also file a personal injury case.

The firm serves residents in Hattiesburg and its surrounding towns, including Ellisville, Laurel, Collins, Magee, Taylorville, and Richton.

You’re encouraged to call for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

A spokesperson of the firm said, “We are dedicated to seeking financial recovery for our clients. Our team has the experience and the know-how to ensure you receive fair financial restitution for damages, including medical bills, loss of work, pain, and suffering, and more.”

Allow us to help you. We will work day and night to ensure that you get what you deserve.

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